Building a Society on Social Justice 

Humans are born with a specific purpose. All of us have dreams to achieve because without a goal, what remains the meaning of life. Consequently, we strive to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves in the most possible ways but even after all the hard work, some of us still get rejected by society to live a decent life of our dreams. This might be happening for several causes but social injustice remains at the top. Social justice needs to prosper everywhere just to provide equal opportunities for all; regardless of individual status, skin tone, ethnicity, physical handicap, etc. Social injustice is the unequal distribution of resources, incentives, and the deprivation of obligations of any kind as well as everything that prevents people from practicing self-determination; and recognizing their full potential. Meat, clothing, and shelter are available as tools. 

Social justice is a process; it is not a result. This seeks to ensure a fair distribution of resources, opportunities, and responsibilities. It battles the heritage of exploitation and discrimination. It also empowers all people to express self-determination and acknowledge their full potential as well as building social solidarity and collaborative action capacity in the community. There should be political freedom and job opportunity without discrimination. The global debate continued for social justice and equality where people still fight for their basic rights. Social justice is not luxury; it is an essential right of each human who is a part of the community.

Equal Life Opportunities 

Social justice is attained when all the members of a community enjoy equal privileges because most of the resources are generally used by some class of people, while others are considered second-class citizens. Inequality in opportunities forms the foundation of bribery, inequality, nepotism, favoritism, cronyism, racism, and many other vices that generally siphon most public funds into personal accounts that collapse the economies. If we consider equal opportunities as special ingredients for progress of our social system, we will witness that things are improving miraculously.


As a community, all of us have to work hand in hand to acquire harmony in our social surroundings. We should spread the positive message of empowering the ignored and oppressed. Participation and encouragement of activities or movements to make people aware of the hurdles that injustice causes for fellow beings is a must. Sometimes doing less is more so if you cannot do much of the fieldwork then you must try to spread the word through online platforms I.e. facebook, twitter or Instagram that Millenials get effortlessly. If one sees that an individual who is considered low by any means in their society, one should raise their voice in their favor which will give the targeted person a sense of security. You can use print media to write articles about the issue or try to connect to the political representatives of your town by writing to them so they can pay some heed to the problem.

Embrace Heterogeneity 

Embracing diversity is when you eliminate the fear of befriending people who have different skin tone, caste, and religion than yours. Including these individuals in your friend circle will give a clear message to other people that you do not support any form of discrimination in your social setting which will promote the idea of equality and will also inspire others to leave their ego behind and head to the empowerment of society. Insulting someone on the basis of their ethnicity or religion should be unacceptable in today’s progressive society. 

Walk what you talk

After all that is mentioned, if you find yourself in support of this ideology of promoting social justice among masses then you must start practicing it as early as possible. People learn by example not by words so as a community member, we must encourage our family members as well as our friends and acquaintances to come under the umbrella and step towards the change together because society is the product of our input. 

It is high time to give our generations a broader perspective and the concept of global prosperity so they can contribute from today to cherish a healthy society tomorrow.