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Brownstone Research Second Wave: Jeff Brown Tech Melt Near Future Report

Investment analysis firm Brownstone Research issued a new report claiming tech stocks will drop 92% during ‘The Second Wave’ of the ongoing economic crisis.

In a recent video interview with Tech Minute, Brownstone Research head Jeff Brown described how popular tech stocks could drop 92% in the coming months.

In the interview, Tech Minute’s Chris Hurt asked Brown where he thinks markets will go next. Brown believes tech stocks will plummet in the coming months:

“I believe we’re on the cusp of something we haven’t seen in 20 years…You see, much like in ‘99-2000…Many of the popular tech “darlings” of today are going to go by the wayside…Some, by my estimate, are in line to fall by as much as 92%.”

Jeff Brown famously predicted the moment the Dot Com Bubble burst. His analysis firm also predicted the housing bubble all the way back in 2004. Now, he’s issuing a similar prediction for late 2020.

Tech stocks haven’t dropped anywhere close to 92% in decades. In fact, the last time the market dropped anywhere close to that amount was when the Dot Com Bubble burst between 1999 and 2000.

Tech Stocks with “Absurd Valuations…Are Going to Crash Hard”

Jeff Brown isn’t just pessimistic: in the interview, Jeff also reveals the asset that tech billionaires are buying to protect themselves from the upcoming crash. Billionaires like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos are purportedly shifting their money to a small sector of “market resistant” stocks, according to Brown. Smart investors can copy these billionaires to protect their assets during the next recession.

In fact, Brown claims investors who buy $5,000 of his recommended asset could earn up to $1.5 million:

“Here’s what my research tells me…We’re on the verge of a “splintering” in the market…Some tech stocks, which have reached absolutely absurd valuations…Are going to crash hard. At the same time, there’s a small segment of the tech world… largely ignored until now… that’s rising up fast. And billionaires (including Jeff Bezos) are quickly shifting their money to this small sector. I call these “market resistant” stocks. And, over time, these types of shares have turned $5,000 into as much as $1.5 million.”

Why do Brown and his team believe tech stocks will crash 92%? Where is the next big opportunity for investors? According to Brown, it’s all related to the “Second Wave.”

What is the Second Wave?

Jeff Brown and his team are concerned with the “Second Wave” and how it will affect markets. When most people hear the term “Second Wave,” they assume it’s related to COVID-19. However, Brown describes his Second Wave as something else:

“The “second wave” I’m referring to is, rather, a new crash I expect we’ll soon see in the market — a “second wave” of falling prices…for some investors, it won’t be catastrophic. But sadly, for many… perhaps most… especially those who’ve bought in all the recent hype we’re seeing… it could be much worse.”

Brown believes the overall stock market – the S&P 500 – will drop 25% during this crash, with the tech sector dropping 92%.

However, where some markets fall, others rise. Brown believes this Second Wave will create a special opportunity for investors.

Brown argues that recessions sink bad companies, but good companies survive recessions. A poorly-run company cannot survive an economic downturn, while a well-run company can survive.

Brown cites the Dot Com Bubble, where companies like Google, Amazon, and eBay survived, while companies like eToys and sunk – despite the fact that all companies were surrounded by hype at the time:

“If someone bought into the hype and invested in that stock…Well, they got demolished. They lost all their money. But this was really an easy mistake to avoid…I mean, Chris, was the poster boy for dotcom stupidity…They spent twice their yearly revenue on a single Super Bowl ad! A single ad!”

Smart investors can sort through the hype to discover the next Amazon or Google. You could have purchased Amazon stock for under $0.10 during the Dot Com Bubble.

“We’re going to see a “Second Wave.” Some tech stocks are going to sink severely. But others—the modern versions of Amazon, if you will—could end up paying for your entire retirement. In one fell swoop. That’s why I say this is a defining moment, Chris. And why it’s critical people align their portfolios correctly today.”

How to Maximize Investment Returns During the Second Wave

Brown believes investors can protect themselves from the Second Wave by taking specific steps today.

To learn what those steps are, you need to subscribe to Brownstone Research’s The Near Future Report, which is led by Jeff Brown and his team.

As a new subscriber to The Near Future Report, you get a bundle of reports called the “Full Second Wave Protection Plan.”

Here’s what is included in your subscription to The Near Future Report:

  • One year membership to The Near Future Report
  • Report #1: The #1 Biotech Stock of 2020: Why the FDA Just Fast-Tracked the ‘King of Genetic Sequencing’
  • Report #2: Toxic Tech: 5 Tech ‘Darlings’ to Dump Right Now
  • Report #3: The New Economy: 5 Stocks that Will Soar in the ‘Post-COVID’ World
  • Report #4: The Top Biotech Buyout Candidate: The 2,200% Secret
  • Report #5: Jeff Brown’s New 679% Stimulus Play
  • Bonus Report: The One-Page ‘Second Wave’ Blueprint

As part of the new promotion, Brownstone Research has dropped the price of The Near Future Report to $49 for your first year, after which you’ll pay $129 per year.

To learn more about Brownstone Research’s The Near Future Report, Jeff Brown’s ‘Second Wave’ investment recommendations, and other strategies to safeguard your portfolio, subscribe to The Near Future Report today.

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