Book Talk: ‘After I’m Gone’ with Laura Lippman

The Ivy Bookshop was the scene before a SRO audience on Tuesday night where the acclaimed crime writer Laura Lippman chose to launch her twentieth novel. Its title is – “After I’m Gone.”

The plot of the novel spins off a real Baltimore-based event. It’s the mystery of what happened in 1970 to Julius “Lord” Salsbury, a one-time gambling kingpin in the city, who operated out of the notorious “Block” area. After his conviction, he disappeared.

Laura Lippman Gets a Photo CollageThe focus of the novel  isn’t on this most wanted criminal. It’s a fictionalized story about the women in his life: the wife, the mistress, and the three daughters he left behind.

Enter the mystery writer par-excellence – Laura Lippman.

She promises that the detective on the case will find the truth, but that “no one will ever be the same again.” On this video,Lippman discusses briefly in the Q&A Period, the book Tess Monaghan, her novel, “Every Secret Thing,” a hopefully soon-to-be film and role models in her life. Eduard Berlin served as the moderator for the program. To learn more about Lippman’s career check out her website.