Best Newbie Tactics for Betting on Sports

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Do you want to start betting, but you have no experience and do not want to risk large sums? talk about the best newbie tactics for betting on sports.

The Dallas Strategy

The meaning of this tactic is this: in soccer, a player bets that in the entire game one of the teams will not be able to score.

This strategy is suitable for beginners for a simple reason – to choose a match for betting, it is enough to refer to statistics. The bettor should bet on such a match, in which there is a favorite. The favored team should not have odds higher than 1.55. At the same time, the opponent of this team should not be productive. It is better to exclude matches from scoring leagues. These are the German championships, competitions in the Netherlands, the Italian Serie A, the Swiss and Austrian leagues, the Championship of the Faroe Islands, the MLS, and other leagues. Any beginner will be able to cope with this kind of background, and picking a match will not be difficult.

Then it is worth watching 15-20 minutes of the match. If the underdog plays passively, does not shoot on goal, and does not conduct a lot of attacks, having a low percentage of ball possession – it is worth betting on the individual total under 1 or 0.5 for this team.


The most win-win strategy, suitable for all sports and categories of players. A surebet is a situation in which one of the bookmakers overestimates the outcome.

Imagine, Real Madrid and Barcelona are playing. The first bookmaker gives the odds 1.67 for the outcome total over 2.5, and 2.15 for total under 2.5. At the same time, the second bookmaker gives the odds 1.7 for total over 2.5, 2.1 – for total over 2.5.

A win-win situation. You can make two bets for the same amount in different offices: for “total under 2.5” for 2.15 in the first office and for “total over 2.5” for 2.1 in the second office. By betting $10 on each outcome, the player will make a profit of either $1.5 or $1. The player in any case is in the black.

But this does not mean that surebets are constantly appearing and you can make a fortune on them in a week. Bookmakers are actively fighting with surebets, so you should bet carefully, not breaking the rules regularly. Otherwise, the account may be blocked.

Bob McCune’s strategy

According to Bob McCune, if a player knows how to correctly analyze the line and understand the movement of the odds, he will achieve success in betting. The strategy is based on the following principles:

  • The odds constantly move, without leaps in the other direction. It is necessary to bet in the direction of the movement. For example, the odds for “total over 2.5” were dropping strongly all day. This is a signal that it is worth betting on this outcome.
  • There are no odds movements at all. Then you should bet on the favorite of the match.
  • With an abrupt jump an hour or a few minutes before the match, there is an abrupt jump in the opposite direction. For example, the odds on the favorite went down all day, and then it rose sharply. So it is worth betting against the favorite.
  • The line doesn’t move at all, but before the game, a small shift occurred. It is worth betting in favor of this movement.

Based on these postulates, beginners will not have to learn sports. They will be able to use the listed templates. The profitability of this strategy is a little over 55%, but with long-term use, the profits are not bad.