Attorneys for Cosby Request for a reversal of the #MeToo Conviction

The appeal court in Pennsylvania has made inquiries as to why Bill Cosby had not obtained a written agreement of non-prosecution as his attorneys requested for the reversal of his charge of sexual assault.

The 82-year-old comedian was the first to stand trial during the #MeToo movement, the celebrity is currently serving a prison sentence of about three to ten years for illegal drugs and a woman’s molestation at his home.

The panel comprising of three people inquired why the rule of conduct is not followed by Cosby’s attorneys in providing a written immunity agreement that will be accredited by a judge when the allegation was initially presented by Andrea Constand in 2005.

Judge John T. Bender of the Superior Court stated that the budget of the operation was high as they had an agreement on an unlimited budget and if they might have been aware it would not be allowed by the trial court.

Bill Cosby’s attorney stated that their client had counted on the assurance before testifying in Constand’s legal case in 2005, that seemed incriminating when it was revisited a decade later.

Bender’s claims were backed up by Judge Carolyn Nichols, who asked how the district attorney could bind the office in perpetuity.

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Cosby’s attorneys attacked the decision of Judge Stephen O’Neill of the Montgomery County for giving room for five additional informers to provide their testimonies during Cosby’s trial. This happened after more than 60 people came forward with their allegations which reopened the case. The prosecutors stated that they chose women whose statements revealed that Cosby has a unique criminal pattern.

Bender was in support of this argument by disrupting the justifications of the defense by claiming that there were major disparities in their testimonies.

He made a statement in a report that the trend was to provide them illegal drugs before assaulting them sexually.

Bill Cosby’s attorney, Kristen L. Weisenberger, indicated that among the women who gave their testimony, one was not certain if she was abused. Prosecutors, however, went against this statement and indicated that Cosby caused it to appear as such.

Adrienne Jappe, the deputy district attorney argued that the defendant must not be rewarded, because she couldn’t recollect anything because she was drugged by him.

Survivors of the sexual assault and defense attorneys will carefully keep an eye on the ruling of the court and the opportunity that will be given to other accusers who want to testify, particularly, prominent figures such as Harvey Weinstein the movie tycoon who is also standing trial in an additional #MeToo legal case.

In 2017, during Cosby’s initial trial, when the jury was unable to arrive at a decision, O’Neill gave one more accuser an opportunity.

Cosby’s attorneys described the decision of enabling five different people to testify as irrelevant and biased. Although, the panel indicated that the judges are not constrained by the decision from the earlier trial.

Cosby is currently serving his sentence at a state penitentiary very close to Philadelphia and was absent from court during the Pennsylvania Capitol arguments in Harrisburg. The court usually spends several months before arriving at a decision.

Cosby, who was a TV character known as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on “American Dad” stated that his encounters with Andrea Constand and other accusers were consensual.

Cosby confessed during his deposition to providing women with Quaaludes before sex, which also included Therese Serignese who was 19 years old when they came in contact at a hotel in Las Vegas. She had arrived from Florida to be at the hearing.

She stated that there were 60 accusers and only 5 were allowed from the 19 poor act witnesses the prosecutors requested and this was a great deal for Bill Cosby.

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