Archangels of Justice launches YouTube channel

In their pursuit to expose corruption in law enforcement, Salvatore Rastrelli and Ira Robins have now opened up their own YouTube Channel.  Spouting off their expert opinions in very short videos they enlighten the public about corruption in law enforcement.

Their topics will include cases they are actively reviewing, homicides wrongly classified as suicides, police misconduct, prosecutors caring more about winning a conviction that telling the truth, elder abuse, tips on investigations and evidence, and anything else they believe concerns the public.

Rastrelli and Robins, with more than 84 years of combined investigative experience, already publish information in both the Baltimore Post-Examiner and Los Angeles Post-Examiner blogs Section and Facebook under the Archangels of Justice banner or

Their new YouTube Channel is called Archangels of Justice Experts Are Saying and they have already posted 18 videos along with links to various places the public can find information that will shock their senses.

Check it out: