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An Interview with Fashion Model Ria Serebryakova

With 287K followers on Instagram as of November 2019, Ria Serebryakova the Russian fashion model (aka Riasalvation), is making people sit up and take notice. She started modeling in her homeland and in no time had moved abroad to work in Milan, Berlin, London and New York. The blue-eyed model with the fresh-faced youthfulness has an amazing ability to adapt to any role required of her when modeling and has worked extensively on the runways of fashion shows and magazine editorials.

“Modeling has opened many doors and it has made my lifelong dream to travel the world a possibility,” she told me when we met up for a quick chat during her lunch break at a New York photo shoot.”

She won’t reveal any details about what she’s doing here, but she’s very excited to be back in New York after her recent trip to Europe.  This was the perfect opportunity to find out a bit more about her and how she copes with the demands of modeling:

What have been your favorite moments of 2019?

There have been quite a few highlights. I managed to take some time off work to spend with my family. It was lovely to see them all and to catch up with friends. Something that I promised myself to do this year was to be more active on social media, especially Instagram and it seems like I have managed to slot it into the rest of my daily routine and I’m really enjoying the interaction with my followers.

Your career highlights for 2019?

Milan, 2019 the Dolce & Gabbana show at Fashion Week. We were surrounded by a fantastic team of hairstylists, makeup artists and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

I wear some beautiful clothes in my modeling assignments and I can’t say that I prefer one designer over the other. Some notable clothes that I have worn include a stunning navy coat by Issey Miyake, and various outfits by Versace, Stella McCartney, and Dolce & Gabbana. From the younger generation, I like the playful feel of Rotate and am looking for the perfect party dress for the holidays.

Talking about the perfect party dress, where do you usually shop?

Well, I don’t get much time for shopping! Like every young woman today my cupboard consists of a lot of basics that I mix and match and sneakers for getting around quickly. Coming from Russia, I love my jackets and I like them to be comfortable. But, to answer your question, just like every hard-working woman, I do like to splurge on the odd luxury, but most of the clothes that I buy are from quick shopping trips to the larger stores in- between photo shoots.

How do you keep in shape?

Luckily, I seem to have a fast metabolism because the only exercise I manage to fit into my day is a quite a bit of walking. I love to explore the cities where I work and walk to most of my jobs.

Do you watch what you eat?

I’ve never needed to go on a diet, but I am always conscious of eating well –balanced meals that include fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, I do sometimes skip one of my meals because of work, but then that allows me to spoil myself to some junk food later or a bigger serving of ice-cream.

Describe your skincare routine?

I never fail to carry out my three-step beauty routine and love to pamper my skin with masks. As a model, I cannot afford to ignore the fact that the sun my worst enemy, so I always wear sunblock when I’m out and about. I also love to feel pampered so once in a while I will visit a spa for a deep cleanse and extra hydration.

Which celebrities do you admire?

Charlize Theron and Emma Roberts have both one amazing things in their careers. I admire Emma because she has not been afraid to attempt to venture into a singing career. Charlize has played some difficult roles that took her out of her comfort zone and I admire her for that.

Which is your favorite city?

I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite, but I am currently enjoying the autumn colors and feel of New York.

What are your plans for the holidays?

It still feels like we have a way to go before then, so I haven’t made any plans yet. Hopefully, I will manage to get away for a couple of days to spend some time unwinding, relaxing, and being pampered.

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