A different kind of tourism in Madrid – places to get lost in

If you’re planning a trip to Madrid, you’ve probably already found a list of attractions. But Madrid has more to offer than museums and sights. We’ll show you some places to just get lost and experience Madrid’s flair.

Location of Madrid

The city is located in the center of Spain and is connected to all cities in the country in a direct and efficient way. Madrid’s good geographical location, in addition to its vibes and cultural offerings, is what makes it a great tourist destination as well. There are a lot of flights to Madrid, for example.

Millions of tourists come to the Spanish capital every year, all the time. In comparison to other cities or islands in the country (Ibiza or Mallorca, for example), Madrid has tourism all year round. Doesn’t matter if it’s winter, summer or spring. And no matter if it rains or if it’s hot. Madrid is always full of people.

Tourism is different, not looking for so much partying, but more culture, museums, good music and things like that.

Therefore, walking along the Gran Vía is never going to be something that relaxes us. Tourists and locals alike are always wandering around the big urban centers of the city.

What places to visit in Madrid?


Malasaña is special. The little streets. Its bars and vintage clothing stores. Its people and cafes. All is particular and charming.

While there is no one thing in particular to do in Malasaña, you can do everything. It is a place to get lost and to walk around. To get in touch with its hipster and eighties style. And to see its graffitied walls and enjoy the phrases written on the walls.

Locked between Gran Vía, Castellana and Carranza avenues, Malasaña is one of the areas of Madrid with the most personality. It is a neighborhood where you can walk around at all hours and never feel invaded by a mass of tourists. That’s also something that makes it unique.

Debod Temple

This temple is a magical place. The energy surrounding this place makes it just unique. And it has definitely the best sunset in Madrid. This temple was donated to Spain by the Egyptian government to prevent it from being flooded after the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

La Latina

This is one of the oldest and charismatic neighborhoods in Madrid. It has something that makes it very different. The streets still retain the charm of years ago, and getting lost in its alleys is special.

Little by little it has been gaining popularity again and today you can see many bars and places to go for tapas.  The neighborhood has a special vibe that is contagious. Like Malasaña, there is no particular place to go when you arrive in La Latina, but to get lost in its streets, find hidden treasures and enjoy its architecture and charm.

Parque del Retiro

Parque del Retiro is a place that takes you to another dimension. You arrive at Puerta de Alcalá immersed in the maelstrom of a capital that walks at a hurried and frenetic pace. However, when you cross the gate that leads you into the Retiro Park, everything changes. You enter another dimension.

You can stay there for many hours and hours. Its lake, full of little boats going back and forth, is special, as are all the street shows on the edge of it.

The Retiro Park, except for the Palacio de Cristal, does not have a particular attraction. The park itself is the attraction. Take a book and sit down to read, while people and time go by.

Madrid is small enough to be able to walk all of it. And it pays off. It is worth it just to see the diversity of the city, the different buildings, the accent of the people, their daily conversations, the hustle and bustle of the capital. One discovers incredible things by walking around a city.