5 VPN Essentials for Newbie Users

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Today, the market is full of VPN providers, which offer their services and try to bypass the competitor; it’s a dime a dozen. Probably, one in two has a VPN installed on the device. But if you are going to use a VPN app for the first time, you may feel puzzled because of the variety. So, primarily, you need to understand the purpose for which you will need a VPN. But first, what is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that creates a secure connection between the global network and your device. Instead of connecting directly to the Internet, you connect to your ISP through a VPN, and then, to the World Wide Web. It allows you to use the Internet from anywhere you want safely and confidentially, hiding your actual location and data from third parties.

Of course, a VPN is a way to increase Internet access security. However, the options and reasons for using a VPN are quite diverse. Again, to choose the best VPN service, you need to think about purposes and learn some essentials that will be useful for you.

Do You Want Secure Access to Your Home Network?

If you’re interested only in the secure access to your home network, you don’t need to purchase a VPN.

Do You Need Safe Internet Surfing?

Even if you don’t want to get into privacy and security issues, it is reasonable to address to a VPN when you travel or use the unreliable network (most public Wi-Fi spots). You may put yourself and your sensitive data at risk by opening your laptop without a VPN and simple check your email in that lovely Portuguese cafe.

You may also need protection at home. Your router can work with outdated and compromised firmware, detect packets actively, and log your data. If the router is not configured correctly, other network users may be able to access your data or explore your laptop or mobile device. Having a password on the router usually indicates that the network is protected from intruders. Still, even if you need to enter a password, you may encounter any of these problems.

Do You Need to Hide Your Location?

If you need to pretend you’re surfing the Internet from some other country, you’ll need a VPN provider that has the servers located in different geographic regions. For example, do you need access from the UK to watch the BBC? Make sure your VPN provider has servers there. Do you need the US IP address to dive into the ocean of Netflix content without restrictions? Select the vendor that offers servers in the United States.

Do You Need Anonymity?

If your needs are not limited to binge Netflix series watching, a VPN alone may not be enough. The first problem is that many VPN services promise anonymity, but few of them can provide it. The second problem hides in the settings of your personal computer and the programs installed on it. Some of them can go online without your permission.

Do You Need it for Torrenting?

The most interesting. The Internet user can’t live by Netflix alone, but by the fascinating content which they can get with the help of Torrenting. Well, even free VPN for Torrenting will be enough to open the bright world of geo-restricted content. The VPN market is wide and has loads of products to offer –  so you will find the one that will ensure you an unforgettable Torrenting experience. Choose wisely!

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