5 Must-follow security practices for high-profile CEO’s

Peak success experienced by many CEO’s has its enviable share of perks, but also comes with tangible pitfalls. Often, as a CEO’s profit, power, and pay-scale increases, so does their presence in the public eye; causing increased risk to their personal safety.

Top CEO’s around the globe are too-often viewed as targets by violent perpetrators because of their prominent wealth and visibility in public.  Executive protection services, provided by private security firms protect corporate leaders, their loved ones, and possessions from harm.

Enlisting a protective services agency for the executive protection of high-valued corporate leaders is something corporations should take seriously. Threats arising from public disapproval, disgruntled employees, or other motives, are often directed towards a corporation’s primary team members.

National Concerns

The kidnapping of Edward Lampert in 2003 showcased that successful American entrepreneurs are at risk, on home soil, for becoming targets. Corporate espionage and orchestrated kidnappings in foreign markets make global headlines, but, the threat is just as real at home.

Many security risks manifest in the vast sphere of the cyber world aimed at corporations and their top executives. As personal and corporate transparency increases in the public eye via social media, online outlets, at instant messaging, so does potential threats to CEOs.

How to Improve CEO Safety

Addressing security risks to CEO’s is best handled before a potential threat becomes a dangerous encounter. Locating and eliminating threats prior to a client’s exposure to potential harm is the primary focus when crafting a successful executive protection plan.

A CEO’s focus should be on the company they are responsible for, not on fears for their safety. When ready for the added security and peace of mind provided with an executive protection plan, consider the following five practices critical for ensuring a top-valued asset’s safety.

1.   Social Media Monitoring

Social media has become a mainstream platform for public and private communication connecting people in new and immersive forms. However, not all the connections made through social media are innocuous.

Advanced technology has led to new points of contact that can be misused. A physical security presence alone is no longer enough to guarantee safety. Protection plans with layered strategies that incorporate social media monitoring will yield a solid defense.

If links formed on the social media stage become risky or even threatening, executive protection providers have first-hand experience to identify and mitigate them. With social media monitoring, security issues can be prevented before they materialize.

2.   Travel Protection

The lifestyle of a CEO often involves routine travel for business. New, unfamiliar locations can present heightened personal risk and safety issues. Enlisting the assistance of protection agents when traveling is a smart option when addressing safety concerns.

Transiting between locations, as part of daily commuting or long-haul trips, is often when assets experience highly vulnerable situations. Preventing exploitation of those vulnerabilities requires a team well-versed in risk management during transportation.

Executive protection agencies that operate on a national, or global scale, have a strategic advantage for providing travel security. Choosing an agency that has local assets at multiple destinations should be a priority to secure responsible safety management.

3.   Brand Protection at Events

Hosting events that are safe for attendees and featured guests is vital to protect a corporates brand, as well as their top executives, during publicly organized events. Providing safety and security for guests at any event requires collaborations with event security experts.

Crowd control and crisis response personnel, on the ground at events which continually monitor and handle potential problems, provide exceptional value while protecting the reputation of an organization, and its high-profile members.

Incorporate executive protection agents during the planning stage of a public event. This will ease the creation of successful risk management and emergency response strategy suitable for the public event.

4.   Home Security

Security measures for elite corporate leaders shouldn’t end when they step away from their business. Maintaining a vigorous defense of a CEO’s personal safety during their private hours is vital when providing proper security for high-valued personnel.

Estate protection can have low physical profiles with secured gates, alarms, video surveillance, or any number of unmanned options. For situations requiring a higher level of security measures, armed or unarmed security personnel can be incorporated.

Rely on trained enforcement agencies to assess and determine what estate security options are available to keep loved ones and valuables inside the home safe. Peace of mind shouldn’t be diminished upon achievement of corporate success.

Business excellence represented by today’s top CEOs is comprised of an influential league of motivated and focused professionals that have worked hard to claim their status amongst the business elite. Keeping their status upheld and secure is best left to executive security professionals.