5 Most Popular Fashion Trends for This Festival Season

With the festival season being right around the corner, many people are looking into what they should rock in their favorite events. Luckily, the fashion forecast radar has picked up many amazing styles that are sure to be the most trending this season.

However, these trends can vary depending on the location and nature of each event. That is why you should pick the right festival gear for your event.

Let’s take a look at five fashion trends you should rock this festival season.


Patchwork embroidery is becoming very popular for warm southern festivals. You can get the patchwork on dresses, pants, handbag, shoes, and basically everything else.

You can’t go wrong with the look whether you pick clothes that mix a range of shades, or ones that display monochromatic patterns.

Ophidian Patterns

Animal patterns are have been coming and going for some time, but reptile prints are holding their ground firmly during this festival season.

You might have caught many lovely outfits during the spring and summer runway shows with ophidian prints. You can find these ophidian patterns in dresses, jackets, trousers, and many other types of clothing pieces, as well as accessories. That is why you shouldn’t worry about finding something that perfectly fits your style.

You can slip into a reptile print dress with a choker. Also, get a matching pair of ankle boots to complete the outfit. But the look is not fit for the night, which is why you might want to carry a light cardigan along.


The modern rave festivals are some of the most amazing events around the world. They have colors, music, lights, and everything thing else that you want would think a crazy music festival would have.

But since they are entirely based on having fun and losing yourself to the music, the festival rave gear consists of exposed clothing. You can find lingerie, chains, crazy bikinis, and leather outfits to wear for a rave. As long as it looks short and stylish, you should be fine.


Hot desert festivals are famous for open skin outfits. Since it is so hot, it clearly makes sense that you would want to rock a very light look that can allow you to lose yourself in the music.

If you don’t want to go with the rave look, then you can try the crochet fashion. Since it’s made for summer, you can find everything short and sexy in crochet. That would be miniskirts, shorts, crop tops, bikinis, and so much more.

Back to The 60s

The ’60s-era was definitely one of the grooviest times in history. That is why it’s no surprise that people want to rock ’60s fashion in some of their favorite festivals around the world.

If you are familiar with the popular ’60s fashion, then you might know that they wore incredibly bold colors and prints. But unlike the ’60s, anything goes these days. You can wear a lovely crop top and match with shorts. You could get a tube top and get thigh-exposing pants to spice things up.