4 Challenges of social media recordkeeping and how to overcome it

Nobody imagined the measure of social media importance and the influential power on the corporate lives. Well, it has successfully surpassed all the boundaries with the research in 2017, that said 90% of businesses use social media in the US alone.

However, if you have been reading the news, I am sure you are aware of the crisis, social media blunders can create. That’s not the whole story, there’s more. Technically, firms have got into trouble for not keeping and maintaining records of what they have been doing in social media. As it’s said, if you don’t record it, you never really did it.

Keeping records of activities that are updated every day, infact every few minutes is nothing similar to archiving emails; it is actually quite a tedious and tricky task. Nonetheless, the complexity doesn’t dilute the importance of proper record keeping of social media. To keep you prepared, let me cite a few challenges that you will face during social media recordkeeping followed by its solutions:

1. Prone to data loss

The very fact that no two platforms on social media are similar, so they don’t really consist of data that follows or flows in one stream increases the probability of mixed content. There is a wide variety of matters like timelines, pages, direct messages, images, comments, etc. makes social media highly prone to data loss.

You see even if one comment on your Instagram post gets deleted, or for a fact even gets edited, before you have a record, your record is not accurate anymore. The idea is to record everything, and not just what is remaining.

2. Never-ending real-time action

If your Instagram account has followers of well above 100k, how much time will you take to gather say, 1k comments? If your engagement is good enough, maybe an hour. Things happen fast, and you will have to keep up with the pace because that’s the whole definition of accurate record keeping. Your records get outdated every second and that’s one of the most difficult challenges in the list.

3. Updating Tech

While recording social media, the update to a new interface/technology will not be in your favor, but make things even more difficult. You see, the technology of social media platforms keeps updating themselves, so any method or technique you resort too, gets outdated every time that happens, leaving you with a lot of downtimes, and record gaps.

4. Building necessary Integrations

It is understood that record keeping is actually a thing, so people adopt archiving data tools, which is not affected by changes on such platforms, but for the same, you need to leverage social media platforms’ APIs. No doubt it is the most accurate way you can go about things, but before that, you need to integrate your own applications with the APIs of such platforms. It might sound easy but is a difficult task to execute.

A successful business is all about overcoming the challenges that pop up on your road to success, and well the highs and lows are a part of life, let alone the business. Similarly, don’t let these social media challenges overpower your zest to success in recordkeeping. Here’s presenting Stillio, a nifty tool for recordkeeping that will help you in the process. Keep reading to reckon how!

  1. Stillio, works on a mechanism through which it automatically captures screenshots at regular intervals. It could be weekly, monthly, or even hourly. So, the challenge that said ‘your records have outdated’ is automatically eliminated.

  2. With Stillio, you can set multiple URLs. You just have to set and forget, the tool will take it from there. You can have multiple social media platforms to capture, but the content would not be mixed, nor deleted. Plus, you will also not have to bother about filtering them, as they won’t be mixed, but stored in your desired folder with filters by domain.

  3. The constant updates of interface or mechanism would not be a problem anymore. Stillio, keeps updating its render engine that complies with the updated technologies of social media platforms. This also establishes Stillio as a leader in the industry and give a tough time to its competitors.

  4. API integration will not keep you occupied with Stillio by your side. What I mean is, Stillio is adept to do that all by itself, without you dropping a sweat. Real-time archiving with minimal human effort and no data loss has been the USP of Stillio since its launch.

Apart from overpowering and overcoming the said challenges, Stillio also offers a list of added benefits like brand management, SEO tracking, content verification, competition tracking, trend tracking, and even website compliance. You get all of this with the most accurate website captures in your desired storage folder. You will get to know the whole process of website archiving here.

Long story short, Stillio is a must-have in your kitty for social media recordkeeping.