3 Tips for your Company’s Next Charitable Team Building Event

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In 2015, corporations donated over $18.45 billion to charitable causes. A skeptic at heart might argue that these donations qualify for tax returns, but one cannot ignore the impact of these donations. While larger corporations donate millions to charity each year, the smaller organizations can do their part by actively volunteering for local causes.

Charitable work helps not only those in need but also the teams that participate. Your team can assist with causes like the comforting the wounded, ill, famished, homeless, impoverished and the at-risk groups in your society. Working for charity helps build dreams, and it creates a better future.

It might not be easy for those new to philanthropy to find one cause that brings an entire team together. You cannot pick a random charity and hope for your employees to give their best to the cause. You need to choose the tasks carefully. Apart from checking out the different causes to mobilize your team at team event sites like https://charity-team-building-events.com, you can try to apply these three tips to aid team building.

Find out what causes are relevant to your team

You can create ripples of positivity by choosing causes that matter to your organization. Speak with your employees, hold polls and discussions before selecting a charitable cause. Rally your team and ask them for their honest opinions. The result might surprise you. Some teams prefer working with rescue animals, while others might feel their talent more useful in building electronics for disabled veterans. Schedule meetings with the charity organizers and find out all you can about the possible contributions you can make.

Encourage employee volunteer work

Volunteer work can become critical for any organization looking for team building efforts. Find out if any of your existing employees volunteer at shelters, schools, and hospitals. You can not only allow them to dedicate more time than they already do for these philanthropic causes, but you can also devote company money and more human resources towards the same purpose. It will boost employee morale, and it will help your corporation become a pioneer for a brighter tomorrow.

Meet with different charity spokespeople

There are hundreds of charities operating out of every major city at any given time. It should be your company’s responsibility to arrange for meetings with their founders or representatives, so your employees and potential participants can find out everything they need to know. Interacting with those involved in the charity can help your employees understand what to expect. It can help them prepare mentally and physically for the challenges ahead. Participating in charitable work should not feel like additional work to your team members. It should be volunteer work they should happily undertake.

An act of charity can make a huge difference in the lives of many. Whether it is a home for the impoverished or a drive to make lives better for those in foster care, your employees should enjoy the process. Choosing the right charity can help you build a team and promote togetherness among your employees.

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