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3 Things You Should Do If You’re in a Car Accident in Maryland

Getting in a car accident is a pretty scary occurrence. No matter your age or the number of years you’ve been driving, it can shake both driver and passengers to the core. There is no rhyme or reason as to how or whom car accidents happen. Whether you are a Maryland resident or passing through the state, the unexpected can happen. 

In addition to those traveling by car for personal reasons or business, there are also a greater number of drivers on the road for auto transport. With increased online car purchases, seasonal moves, relocation, college moves, and car dealers requiring car transport, combined with today’s easy car shipping options, the chances of out-of-state residents getting into motor vehicle accidents are rising.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a car accident in Maryland, the following tips can prove beneficial

1. Remain Calm and Call the Police

First and foremost, do your best to stay calm and check to see if you or anyone else in the car is injured. Once you have accounted for everyone’s safety, check with those in the other automobile.  In the regrettable case that there are injuries, contact emergency services immediately. If no one is harmed, you may want to then inspect the damage to both cars as you take a deep breath.

The next step is to call the police to file a report. Be sure to request a police report documenting the accident to corroborate your version of the events and protect yourself from the beginning. Taking pictures is imperative for everyone’s records and for future needs with insurance claims. Photos can provide evidence to prove or disprove accusations of fault. For example, they will show the position of cars after an accident, the point of impact, any skid marks on the road, location of stop signs, and more.

2. Exchange Insurance Information

Exchange insurance information, as the police will ask for this when they arrive at the scene. This includes each party’s driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. If you are transporting a car, check the company’s policies when it comes to coverage prior to engaging them. It is highly recommended that you read the bill of lading to check the list of things not included in the company’s insurance policy. Upon review, you may decide to upgrade your auto insurance policy to a more comprehensive level of coverage that also includes collision in the event of an accident. Other options include working with a car transport company that gives you full coverage, such as Easy Car Shipping, which offers 100% insurance coverage with $0 deductible.

3. Get Legal Advice   

Bear in mind a few important facts about the law as it relates to driving vehicles on the road in Maryland. According to The Law Firm of Miller and Zois, “when someone is ‘at-fault’ in a car collision, they have committed the tort of negligence and they can be held legally liable in a legal action for any damages resulting from the harm caused.” Therefore, if you find yourself the cause of an accident, it behooves you to contact an auto accident lawyer in Maryland.

Things can get a bit complicated if there are injuries and heaven-forbid, wrongful deaths. Having competent legal representation with a Maryland car accident lawyer is vital. In addition to handling the legal issues of your personal injury case, you will want to be sure the details are worked out with insurance companies for the best possible outcome to both parties. This includes insurance coverage of incurred medical bills from required medical treatments.

In the end, staying focused and adhering to the simple checklist detailed above, will help you get through your unwanted ordeal.


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