What were the Biggest Home Improvements People Completed in 2019?

The year 2019 is now behind us and we have the challenges of 2020 to look forward to.  Some people will look at 2019 as a year that they achieved a lot whilst others will reflect on what more they could have done in order to make it more productive.  Whatever camp you find yourself in, there is no point overthinking this and look forward to 2019 where you can make whatever changes your creative mind thinks of.  Here are some of the biggest home improvements that people made to their homes in 2019.

Fling out the carpets

Carpets are becoming less and less popular in the homes and in 2019 we have seen a surge in people pulling up the carpets and opting for laminate flooring.   This trend has been on the rise for many years now and 2020 may see it rise even further.  Laminate flooring used to only be popular in specific rooms in the house (like the living area) but these are now more popular than ever where we see these in all rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.  Laying the laminate flooring in a house is not the massive project that some people think it is and it only takes a little bit of preparation and planning to execute this to a good standard.  There are specific kits available from flooring stores that will give you all the basic tools needed in order to complete the job to satisfaction.

Hot Tubs Grow in Popularity

We seem to have record-breaking hot days in most years as climate change is really accelerating at pace and as a result, this has meant people are taking more of an interest in the outdoors.  We are seeing hot tubs being installed in gardens all around the country.  This was previously a fad but in 2019 we saw a record number of hot tubs purchased and it is now becoming more of the norm.  Hot tubs can be expensive to not only initially purchase but to keep maintained but there are a lot of different options available.  People do not need to purchase the expensive ones that require complete installation and they can go for the cheaper blow-up option that may not be as pretty to the eye but certainly just as effective.

Artificial Grass

Upkeeping grass can be a bit of a pain and if the weather is too warm, it can kill the grass. 2019 saw a massive surge in people getting rid of the conventional grass in their gardens and replacing this with artificial grass.  This then requires very little maintenance, however, no matter what type of artificial grass it is your purchase; it will always never look the same as the original plants and generally, people can tell from a distance that it is fake.  If you go for this option, it is really important to get the preparation correct in terms of laying this as if you do not prepare the ground properly, you will find that there will be weeds starting to poke their way through this in no time.