Tips to Become a Pro Online Blackjack Player

So you’ve discovered online Blackjack, the amazing bonuses online casinos offer, the higher payouts, and the amazing features that just can’t be replicated in a land-based casino. Now you want to become a pro.

Blackjack is much more than a game of chance. It uses large elements of chance, but it also requires skill. That means you can hone your skills and play like a pro if you’ve got time to practice. Time will always be the most important element in practicing, but the following few tips provided by Kasinohai Netticasinot could help you along the way.

Take heed of these pieces of advice, and you’ll be a pro player in no time.

1. Skip the Side Bets

Every good gambler knows that side bets are not worth your time. They very rarely end well and should be avoided at all costs. They are only ever implemented specifically to benefit the casino, encouraging users to risk more money and increase the house edge. Even in Blackjack, this doesn’t change.

And, if you’re a Blackjack player, you’re at risk of taking a side bet without even realizing it. When the dealer offers an insurance bet when they have an ace, realize that this is a side bet. It’s not a feature in any regular Blackjack game, and it only means you’re risking more money. Not only that, you’re risking cash without the opportunity to use your skill to win.

Any other side bet that comes along works in the same way. It is a distraction from the true nature of the game, taking away any element of skill and making it harder to focus on winning. When you take a side bet, you massively ruin your chances of winning big. So avoid them!

2. Stick to Basic Strategy

Even professional Blackjack players know that sticking to basic strategy is the best way to win. And, these professionals have that basic strategy completely committed to memory, meaning they know exactly what to do and when to do it – no matter the circumstances of the game.

By implementing basic strategy, you can reduce the percentage advantage that the casino has over you.

This strategy always varies depending on the specific conditions of your game, and vary depending on your personal preferences. It involves a player creating specific moves that they make whenever they’re presented with a particular card. You may wish to develop your own personal strategy, or you may want to find other examples online from professional players.

It always varies, but the strategy is often very similar as it can be modeled using computers. Basic strategy gives you the best possible chances of winning when playing a game in a land-based casino or an online platform.

3. Don’t Waste Time Counting Cards (If You’re Online!)

This is one of the most controversial topics in Blackjack and gambling generally. Casinos don’t like you counting cards but there technically isn’t anything stopping you doing it…if you can hide the concentration on your face!

The practice simply involves remembering what cards you have already seen and using that information to calculate the chances of certain cards appearing in the next hand. It allows you to know your odds as the game progresses, and is the biggest element of skill used in the game. However, in online games, it doesn’t actually work.

Okay, so it might work on some sites, but it won’t work on the biggest platforms. Online casinos know that counting cards significantly reduces their chances of making money, and they know it’s impossible to stop people doing it when they’re playing a game at home. For that reason, the deck is replaced after every hand. That means any card could come next.

So if you’re planning on playing online and you want to improve your skills, you can forget about card counting. It simply won’t work.

4. Understand Rules Variations

Blackjack has lots of rules and lots of rule variations. Every rule change affects the house edge, making them higher or lower, and a professional Blackjack player understands these rule changes inside and out.

Let’s take a look at some of these rules variations.

1. Dealer Procedure

In dealer procedure (which isn’t actually the most important one to remember) it’s always better for the player when the dealer stands with a soft 17.

2. Surrender

Surrender is more important. In a game that allows surrender, you stand to win more money. Surrendering early is always better, but you’d be lucky to get it.

3. Splitting

Most online Blackjack games will limit splitting to three, maybe four, times in total. The more often you can split, however, the better – so consider this when you’re choosing the right platform.

4. Natural Blackjack Payout

Avoid Blackjack games that offer a payout ratio of under 3:2. It isn’t worth your time. Especially avoid 6:5 games.

5. Quantity of Decks

The lower the number of decks used in the game, the better.

6. Double Down

Finally, a game that lets you double down after splitting and on any two cards of your choice give you the best chances of winning.

Remember these tips, put in lots of practice, and yo