Switzerland here I come but first stop The Big Apple

I took the bus to New York City.

I have been to New York six or seven times in the past ten years. The bus is the cheapest way to go. I took the train a couple of times and the Acela was nice but it was delayed in New Jersey and we ended up being late. So what is the point of going on a fast expensive train if you get in at the same time the bus would? The train is a little more comfortable but I found a luxury bus that is almost as nice. Granted there is no dining car and it is hard to get up and walk around but there is wi-fi and there are plugs and the seats are big. It’s pretty nice.

I was going to New York for the pre-party. A bunch of us were flying out of there to Switzerland to attend our high school reunion. One of the perks of being an expat was you got to go to school in exotic places. I happened to graduate from a school in Switzerland.

image (1)On the bus I was reading a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. I came across the following passage.

“And way back there were the Vikings. And the Polynesians, just the same. I think it’s in the DNA, literally, I think millions of years ago we were all living in small bands small groups of people. So there was a danger of inbreeding. So a gene evolved where every generation and every small band had at least one person who had to wander. That way the gene pools would get mixed up a little. Healthier all around. “

Made perfect sense to me.

I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks but I’ll be back with fresh stories from Western Europe.