Splurging Out For A Vaporizer; Health and Costs Benefit

Photo by Vaporesso on Unsplash

It’s not out of the question to say that you’ve come across an anti-smoking at least one time in your life, right? If you’re a smoker then there’s no better time for you to get out there and search for vaporizers if all you really want is the nicotine. If you think about the long run, wouldn’t it be better for you to just buy a vaporizer or two?

You know what vaporizers are – they’re more commonly referred to as just “vapes” since it’s easier to say than the word itself. Simply put, they’re the electronic versions of what cigarettes are, without the whole combustion process – something actually burning. It just heats up the juice or oil you’re using until it turns into a vapor that you inhale.

When it comes to buying vaporizers, then they’re a dime a dozen in online stores so it’s going to be hard to pick, right? Not really. There are some brands out there that do a really good job of giving you what your money’s worth when it comes to the different types of vaporizers there are.

Volcano Vaporizers

Starting out with a brand that you can consider only the high-end lovers would buy. This line of vaporizers is what you would want if you’re the type to stay at home but still smoke – you know, because of what’s going on around the world with the whole pandemic thing. It’s a desktop/table vaporizer that is really easy to use, especially with the hybrid model.

Now if you don’t want to spend quite a lot of money on a vaporizer, trust me, now’s the best time to go out and buy one! Especially now more than ever since you can save $120 on the Volcano Hybrid model. This model is probably the best they have to offer to the world right now since they made the machine more fine-tuned and easy to use with a digital display!

Why is that a huge up? Because you get to adjust the temperatures at which you burn the juices and/or oil to your liking – if you want to simulate what the burn really feels like when you’re smoking cigarettes. If you’re going with the classic model then you just turn the dial. It’d be easier for you to just use the digital model since you’re just going to press buttons.

Portable Vaporizers

These are the vapes that are most commonly used and are probably the first ones you’d think about when someone says “vape”. These are the vaporizers that are the easiest to find and the cheapest to buy. You’re not going to need much fancy stuff for these vapes, as long as you learn and practice, you can even change the coils and the cotton yourself!

I’m sure today’s society really loves using these because you can take it with you on the go and you don’t need to wait a couple of minutes to use it just like you would with the standard or even the volcano vaporizers. It’s light, it’s affordable, the juice comes in for cheap – those are probably the biggest pros of having a portable vaporizer – the battery life is a con.

There’s really only a couple of buttons you’d need to operate for you to use a vape, as opposed to the standard vaporizers. You only need to control your wattage, then press the fire button if you want to use it – there’s no rocket science behind it.

Vaping tastier than smoking

The vapor exhaled from the vaporizer is – for the most part odorless, so there’s no smell going to stick to your clothing which is an upside for everyone! The only time when they do have an odor is when you use a flavored juice. Then in case, it would just smell like the flavor – which is quite pleasant, depending on the flavor you choose! Meaning it’s tastier than smoking too!

If you go out and buy a vaporizer now, imagine the costs you would be saving in the long run! The things you would need to keep buying after the vape are the juices, oils, coils, and cotton. Don’t forget about the price of repairing your vaporizer but that won’t be necessary for quite a while.


As long as you’re taking the steps to quit smoking in the first place, then that’s what is the most important thing for you. We know it’s hard to quit because of your dependencies on the nicotine but you can just get that with the vapes as well! If you’re always hanging out then we recommend you look out for the portable vaporizers! But as always check with reputable sources to learn about the health effects of vaping such as the American Lung Association, as well as your doctor.