Risks of Cryptocurrency Investing & How Dagcoin Minimizes them

It will not be wrong to say that cryptocurrencies have garnered an immense amount of popularity and basically, every investor, whether big or small, is looking to make it big in the cryptocurrency sector. But, just like other financial investment products, cryptocurrencies come with a whole bunch of risks. Moreover, if you are entering into the cryptocurrency investment market without ample knowledge of the way a crypto coin works, you are, unknowingly putting yourself into a position where you could lose the entire money that you have invested and accumulate some serious losses. In this post, we will be throwing light on some of the major risks associated with cryptocurrency investing and how the usage of Dagcoin cryptocurrency can minimize them.

Dangers of Cryptocurrency Investing

Blockchain may have no future

Surprised? You must have overburdened your mind with articles claiming blockchain to be the future of the global financial world. However, blockchain is facing two critical issues of rising transaction costs and increase in confirmation time for a transaction. This is because, in the case of the blockchain, as the number of users for cryptocurrencies are incrementing more time it is taking for a transaction to get confirmed. Moreover, this also means that more commission is required to be paid for a transaction to get confirmed thereby increasing the overall transaction cost. Undeniably, work is going on at a rapid pace to implement certain changes in blockchain to encounter these two serious issues, however, the future doesn’t seem to be promising.

Hence, if you are looking to invest in the cryptocurrency sector, the best option is to invest in Dagcoin cryptocurrency as it is based, developed and constructed on Dag-chain which has already solved the two serious issues, as described above, which the blockchain is facing. First, in a Dag-chain the confirmation happens through the transaction themselves; thereby exponentially decreasing the confirmation time for a transaction. Moreover, with a growing number of users, the confirmation time for a transaction can only go better in case of a Dag-chain. As of now a Dagcoin based transaction costs a mere 0.0005 USD with no scope or possibility of increasing as commissions have been automated in the DAG-chain based platform. So, this solves the problem of elevating transaction costs in the case of traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

Extreme Volatility

The fall in the price of Bitcoin is a very good example to exhibit the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency sector. Most investors are looking towards cryptocurrencies as the way to make millions of bucks in a short time. While you do can make some serious gains in the cryptocurrency sector but only if you invest wisely. If you happen to be a novice investor who is simply investing in any cryptocurrency that has a lot of hype associated with it, my dear friend, you are putting yourself under huge risk.

You could lose your entire life savings and if you have taken a loan for investment purposes be prepared to fall into a horrible debt trap. Even serious cryptocurrency investors acknowledge the fact that investment in cryptocurrencies is purely a gamble and it all depends on your luck where you are headed. Hence, if you really want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you must garner ample knowledge on the way the digital currency works and investigate thoroughly a particular cryptocurrency before investing in the same. Moving ahead simply on the basis of hype and popularity is an incredibly bad idea. So, prior to investing in a particular cryptocurrency find answers to various questions like the following.

    • Does the coin solve any issue?
    • Does the coin possess any sort of utility?
    • Who are and how qualified are the developers of the particular cryptocurrency?

Similar to these there are many other areas which you require investigating before investing in a particular cryptocurrency.

In the case of Dagcoin cryptocurrency you will get answers to all of these questions in their whitepaper. Go through the same to know more.


Generally speaking, the best and the most effective way to protect yourself from the dangers associated with investing in cryptocurrencies is to equip yourself with the essential knowledge as well as skills that can aid and assist you in making an investment decision that could be advantageous and beneficial for you.

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