Personal Information to Provide on Online Dating Websites and Services

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This issue worries everyone who wants to meet on the Internet. After all, the first impression of us is based not only on the photos in the profile but also on personal information. Often, these factors become the determining ones.

It is worth remembering that in this case the approach is completely different for men and women. What suits a guy will look strange in a girl’s profile, and vice versa. Therefore, we will analyze the question in detail and in all variations.

Information Provided on Dating Websites

Usually, the “About Me” information block on dating services is a questionnaire. Filling it in detail or briefly is up to you. But there is certain data, which cannot be ignored.

  • Surname and Name (for security purposes, you can specify only the first name or the changed last name).
  • Age, date of birth (on some websites this data can be hidden for general viewing, but you will still have to indicate it during registration).
  • The purpose of registering on the website (serious relationship, friendship, communication, search for a sponsor, and so on).
  • Marital status, children (if any).
  • Criteria for choosing a partner (in other words, who you need, who you are looking for).

If you want to be successful with the opposite sex and meet worthy people, try to add an unusual meaning in a standard questionnaire set. It is possible (and necessary) to describe your interests, skills and expectations in the way that will be interesting.

Recommendations for men

What does the ideal man’s profile look like for women? It depends on the age, nature and goals of the man. But there are several important rules that everyone should adhere to.

  • Beautiful name. It is worth specifying the full name, or its spectacular shortened version. For example, “Alexander” or “Alex”. Women pay attention to such things.
  • Do not focus on your property. For a modern man, a personal apartment and a car are no longer a luxury. In addition, with a clear demonstration of your wealth, it may seem that you want to “buy” girls.
  • It would be nice to write about a non-standard hobby – but only if you really have it. In general, try to outline your true portrait, and then those people that you need will be attracted to you.
  • Pay attention to marital status information. Here you need to describe the real state of things, especially if you want to find a serious relationship for yourself.
  • Filling in the column of requirements for the lady, you do not need to list the entire list – this can scare away candidates. Two or three main points will be enough.
  • The finance section can be slightly embellished. If you have a stable small income, write “Financially secure”, etc. Even if a girl does not need money, she will still look for a man who can provide for their future children.
  • It is necessary to accurately describe the requirements for the parameters of a person you would like to meet so that there are no disappointments. However, details that can be changed (hair color, etc.) can be omitted. If you indicate that you love the blondes only, you can miss the gorgeous brunette girl who could have painted her hair for you.

In general, focus on the purpose of dating. The important thing is who exactly you want to find – a girl, a wife, a girlfriend, or an interlocutor.

Recommendations for women

Often, having filled out a questionnaire on dating websites or dating resources, a girl notices that there is no proper response to it, or that completely inappropriate people respond. Usually this happens because some personal information has been incorrectly filled in as well as the requirements for the desired partner. Here are important points to remember before filling out a profile on a resource.

  • Name. Let it better be complete, without affectionate suffixes and reductions. Otherwise, you risk attracting men with frivolous intentions.
  • The purpose of communication. Do not be shy and indicate the goal of “just communication and texting” if you want to find a husband. And vice versa. The exact goal will attract those men who have similar interests and aspirations.
  • Light bait. It is important for it to be true. If you really love online games, hiking, cars, fishing, and other “male” hobbies, do not forget to mention them.
  • Real parameters and age. It would not be desirable to “throw off” 5-10 years or indicate less weight, this is not worth doing. Especially if you still expect to date offline. A 40-year-old chubby blonde who came to a meeting is unlikely to impress a man who was waiting for a fragile 25-year-old brunette.
  • Sense of humor. It is not worth mentioning this directly, but you can demonstrate your sense of humor while maintaining your profile. Ironic publications without vulgarity will appeal to all men. Include optimism, write an easy description of your profile.
  • Lack of self-interest. In the column of requirements for a man, you should not focus on the financial security and solvency of the partner. Even if you are frankly looking for a sponsor. This repels all men. The indicated adjectives like “strong, independent, self-sufficient” will be enough to attract the person you need.
  • Exact target. It is important to remember that you cannot accomplish two goals at once. Do not try to fit in one profile the desire to get married and a willingness to have sex for one night.
  • Beautiful clear photo. A few are desirable. If you don’t have one, take the time and money for a professional photo shoot. Slight eroticism is permissible, but vulgarity is not recommended.
  • There is no place for narcissism. Competition on dating websites is very high, and men do not like the “queens” whom everybody has to please. Be mysterious, but friendly and pleasant in communication.
  • Once again about the mystery. Do not rush to tell everything about yourself, whether it is the nickname of your favorite cat or the number of former partners. Be mysterious in a good way because it attracts men very much.

Summing up, we will give you another piece of advice – be yourself. Do not strive to match some imaginary portrait, because there is a man out there who needs a woman exactly as you.