Is Beard Oil For Men Safe to use?

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Beard oils are made from natural ingredients and are generally safe. It being unsafe depends on the individual using the beard oil for men.

Different types of skin need different types of treatment, and since beard oils for men also affect the skin, it’s imperative you find the one that goes well with your kind of skin. Though they are made from natural ingredients, they can produce side effects and do the opposite of what the beard oil for men should be doing for you.

Here are some of the side effects that can result from using the wrong beard oil:

Beard Oils Can Cause Allergic Reactions

As mentioned earlier, though beard oils might have come from natural ingredients, it’s possible to suffer from adverse allergic reactions to them, and this is because there are hundreds of carrier oils in the beard oils for men, and the risk of being allergic to one or some of them is possible. So, when you get a new beard oil and want to apply it, you do so with small amounts, and if you suffer from any allergic reaction like tightening of the chest, closing of the throat, or even swelling of the lip and face, it’s best you stop using that product to prevent further damage.

They Can Reduce Beard Growth

This side effect is one of the lesser-known ones and because of good reasons from an advertising standpoint. Some ingredients present in beard oil have been proven to suppress the hormones DHT and testosterone that grow and regulate facial hair growth. Thus, beard oils for men that contain polyunsaturated vegetable oils are known to suppress hair-growing hormones, so stay away from them if you want a full beard.

Bad formulation can cause dry skin and itching

This is very ironic, seeing that the job of beard oils for men is to moisturize the beard and skin beneath it. This dry skin and itching happen when the beard oil is composed of polyunsaturated fats without balancing effects from less volatile oils. This would make the oil volatile and more prone to oxidation when exposed to light, oxygen, and heat, and sadly, your face has all three. When the oil oxidizes, it becomes hard and starts drying up the face beneath the beard and would result in itchiness and an increase in beard dandruff.

It might increase your sensitivity to sunlight

Some oils are known to increase skin photosensitivity which just means that they would make your face more sensitive to sunlight, thereby absorbing more UV radiation than you would normally do. Beard oils that contain angelica essential oils and grapefruit essential oils are normally culprits.

We’ve listed some of the side effects and some of the ingredients that might be responsible for the adverse effects of beard oils. But still, on the question “Is beard oil for men safe?” we would say yes because they are tested before being introduced to the market, and all you have to do is to avoid those beard oils that aren’t good for you in particular.

You can start by finding beard oils that contain ingredients that are generally safe, like jojoba oil which is known to have little to no side effects in general. An example of such can be found in the Bossman brand.