How the Proper Care for the Computer Equipment Can Extend Its Performance

Do you want to buy a new mouse four times a year? It is a dubious pleasure to dig into the system unit, changing the fan and possibly the processor overheated annually and buying eyeglasses for daily contemplation of a dusty, poorly tuned monitor. We will tell how the proper care for your computer equipment will save you from all these problems and increase the life of all parts and mechanisms.

Why Does a Computer Need Care?

Those who consider the computer a simple working tool like a hammer are quite far from the truth. Human technical thought has come a long way, and the careless hammer is at its beginning, and the computer is at the end. So, we need to take care of it and clean it regularly.

Mouse and Keyboard

The mouse and keyboard carry the greatest mechanical load among all parts of the PC. However, their refusal is the most harmless, although unpleasant. Some ways to avoid this situation are here

As a rule, the manipulators do not immediately fail; at first, some operations with their help begin to be unstable. Therefore, you will have time to go and buy a new keyboard or mouse. Well, in order to avoid this expenditure of time and money, pay a little attention and keep them clean.

Of course, the keys are designed to be pressed, but this does not mean that you need to beat them or press them into the table to crack and squeak. Further, you should not drink coffee in the workplace, eat chips, in general, chop up over the keyboard and spill liquid on it. The same applies to the mouse. And it is correct to use the mouse on a special rug.

System Unit and Its Stuffing

In addition to ensuring proper power supply, this part of the system unit needs only one preventive procedure. We are talking about protection from dust, which the fan needs. It can be blown through the fan grill with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner. In good power supply units, there is a mass of ventilation holes on the walls, usually hidden inside the system unit. Something you can wipe without opening the computer. The power supply fan also deteriorates from dust. All this dust accumulates inside the power supply. Opening the system unit, do not forget to blow it.


To minimize the likelihood of failure, you need to operate the computer and its individual components in the modes that the manufacturer expected, displaying their reliability graphics. In this case, the equipment will meet the expectations of the customer, especially since taking care of it is not very complicated and rarely takes a lot of time. The benefits of preventive measures are probably obvious – a properly working computer turns on whenever the user needs it, honestly opens and prints the necessary documents, shows movies and plays music, entertains with games, etc. A faulty computer brings a lot of problems, damages nerves, spends more time to perform the same tasks, and sometimes simply lose the user’s documents, leading to direct financial and physical losses.