How can you Instagram stories help you expand your customer base?

Many entrepreneurs have second thoughts about using Instagram to promote their brand products. They consider this unique networking platform as a virtual photo album. They assume it won’t be of much use to them when expanding their customer base. However, prominent experts say this is far from the truth. They state that this social media site has numerous features which make it a class apart. This proprietor scan easily use them to engage their online target audience. In the process, they can even convert some of them into customers. This can prove to be an achievement for them. After all, this is what they want for their businesses.

Is worthwhile for entrepreneurs to focus on Instagram stories?

These professionals urge entrepreneurs to pay adequate attention to Instagram stories. This unique format allows them to engage with their online customers in a non-formal way. They’ll find it easier to introduce and sell their products to these individuals. In the process, they even disclose their business profile to them. The owners can even inform these people of important events, contests and updates. Recent research in this field shows a third of all subscribers browse through this feature. This is a very large audience of these businessmen to connect with to achieve their objectives.

It can boost online traffic to their business website and perfect testing ground for their ideas. The number of ‘real Instagram likes’ they get for their posts is a measure of their success in this endeavor. They even buy Instagram followers from credible sites like stormlikes.

How can entrepreneurs use Instagram stories to promote their products?

The specialists say entrepreneurs need to understand an essential fact. Creating and using Instagram stories t isn’t very difficult. All they have to do is keep in mind the following 4 important tips:

1. How to make an Instagram story?

These entrepreneurs need to look for a camera icon on the top left corner of the business profile. They should click on it immediately. They can also perform the same task by clicking on the ‘+’ icon on their picture profile. It may also say ‘Your Story’;

2. Taking pictures, videos, and uploading posts

The entrepreneurs may want to take unique photos of what they are selling to the public. For this, they just have to click on the white circle of their business profile screen. However, if these businessmen want to take a video, they need to tap on it a little longer. They can do the same thing by clicking on gallery icon on left corners of their Instagram screens

3. Editing

These proprietors have plenty of options to choose from when editing their photos and video. They can use the features which suit their specific needs. This ensures their images stand out among their target audience.

4. Upload and sending the content

For this, the entrepreneurs just need to tap on the ‘Your Story’ feature to upload their content. Their target audience will get to see it in due course. They can even ensure only their loyal customers receive it clicking on ‘send to’ button.

Instagram stories is a must for entrepreneurs who want to expand their customers. Otherwise, they’ll be losing out to their competitors. This is the last thing they want. Fortunately, the above 4 important tips can help them to achieve their objectives.