Horse Racing and Other Sports Betting Activities in the USA

Online gambling is extremely popular nowadays. Between casino card games, online slots, and sports betting, you may wager on almost anything without even leaving the house. Just use a smartphone or a laptop to access any bookmaker and start your adventure. Today, we’ll focus on the peculiarities of horse racing in the US as well as other popular kinds of sports you can bet on.

Things you must know about horse racing in the US

This is the only kind of sports that has a “special treatment”. You can bet on it online and offline in different regions of the country. However, 11 states banned horse racing. They are Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North & South Carolina, Texas, and Utah. The list also includes the capital, Washington D.C.

The rest 39 states allow horse betting. Keep in mind, that some states limit horse betting to certain cities. So, be attentive before placing a bet.

The best legal horse betting sites

While the industry keeps changing and shifting from one statement to another, 3 main racebooks specialize in horse betting and are fully licensed. They are XpressBet, TwinSpires, and BetAmerica. They provide access to more than 400 racetracks within the country and abroad. In case you reside outside the US, check out Pari Match and bet on other kinds of sports, too. All bookmakers have site versions compatible with your smartphone letting you bet on the go.

People who bet on horse racing have the most enviable. It’s not only one of the safest and most secure betting industry but it’s also allowed in most states.

Sports betting in the USA

If you are into betting on other sports like football, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, boxing, etc., you need to take into account that it is limited to several states only. According to law, you may enjoy online gambling in:

  • New Jersey,

  • Nevada,

  • Michigan,

  • Pennsylvania,

  • West Virginia,

In 2019, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Iowa legalized sports betting sites and mobile applications. The list will probably soon get bigger, since California, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts are considering legalizing this business as well.

Using the previously mentioned site, you’ll easily discover where you are allowed to bet now and in the future. It takes a detailed look at the state of sports wagering in the US.

Major betting tips you should start using today

Undoubtedly, online betting is very popular. In case you decide to try it as well, there are 3 key things you should know.

  1. Choosing a proper betting site is probably the most important thing. Pick from the licensed bookmakers in your state. While the selection of options is huge, it’s better to take some time to find a reliable site that can guarantee payouts.

  2. Don’t get lost in the abundance of possibilities. While you have a chance to bet on virtually any kind of sports, it’s better to focus on 1-2 options only. The smartest thing will be choosing something you like and understand. Consequently, you’ll be able to place more precise predictions.

  3. Leave your emotions out of the equation. Even if you are the biggest fan of a certain team/player, etc., you need to stay objective and take into account the opponents’ chances. Don’t bet on your favs if you already feel like the rivals have better chances of winning.

Reading certain sites and blogs, you can find out more about the kinds of sports that you may legally bet on as well as some interesting information on how the most popular leagues treat betting business.

Top 9 criteria a reliable bookmaker must meet:

  1. Trustworthiness – the site/app must be licensed and have a great reputation.

  2. Bet offers and the selection of sports/events/leagues/games/matches.

  3. Promotions and VIP & loyalty programs to keep you interested and engaged.

  4. User-friendly interface and eye-catching graphics to help you get the best possible experience.

  5. The choice of the languages you speak.

  6. Convenient deposit and withdrawal options. Check if it’s easy to add money to your account and get it back.

  7. Customer support must be efficient and available to you in a preferable way (email, phone, live chat).

  8. Safety measures the bookmaker takes to protect your data from hackers and other third parties.

  9. A dedicated app (if you prefer betting via a smartphone or a tablet).

Do you need a strategy to bet on sports online?

Well, if you are in it for the money, you must develop a working strategy. It might seem easy at first glance, but it turns out there is always something new to account for. It’s essential you keep your hand on the pulse and adjust.

You’d better learn to distinguish types of bets, too. In the US, the most popular ones include moneyline, point spread, totals, futures, props, parlays, etc. You may discover more about the kinds of bets and peculiarities of betting in the US gathering all the important facts you’d better know before you start.

Start building your strategy using the welcome bonus you get when you sign up. Every bookmaker wants loyal customers and keeps inventing all sorts of promotions. Use them to your advantage and spend wisely. This way it’s possible to learn the ropes without risking real money.

Avoid betting at the beginning of the season since there is not enough data to draw your conclusions from. Just watch the games and observe what’s happening.

Your strategy should also have some limitations. For instance, define how much money you can bet per week/month. You may put a limit to the number of events you’ll bet on, etc. It’ll stop you from unreasonable actions.


Betting on sports is always risky and every kind of sport has certain peculiarities. No one can predict the outcome of a game with 100% certainty. However, if you are up for it, you should pay attention to details and never bet more than you can afford to lose.