Horse Racing and Other Sports Betting Activities in London

Sports betting is easily one of the most popular forms of gambling in London and around the globe. Depending on the country and region, the type of sports to bet on can range from typical popular sports to niche activities like lacrosse. Online sports betting websites have vastly changed the gambling world. Websites such as Gclub allow users to bet on sports and events they would not normally have access to.

Gambling houses are still legal in many forms around the world, though. Londoners can use online betting or in person sportsbooks around the city to place wagers on events and teams. What sort of sports do Londoners prefer? Here are a few of the popular examples.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is considered to be elite in many circles but remains a popular betting arena in the UK. It’s the second-largest spectator sport in Britain, and many find it quite thrilling to choose the winning horse. In the modern age, you can bet on your favorite online, but it can be exciting to go in person to a sportsbook to place your wager. There are dozens of races around the UK every year, so you have many opportunities to make some money.

Football (Soccer)

When you say “football” to anyone who is not American, they likely know you mean traditional football (or soccer). Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports, and the UK is not an exception. People wear their preferred team shirts with pride around the city, and rivalries are fierce. It makes for quite an exciting betting scene. You can wager on almost any time, English or otherwise, at most sportsbooks and online wagering sites. Choose your team, or take it all the way to the World Cup. Either way, it is easy to find somewhere to place bets.


Tennis has been gaining ground in London for many years. Wimbledon has always been a shining star in the sports world of the UK. Many places now allow you to wager on tennis players and matches. If you enjoy the back and forth of the tennis match, you might like the anticipation of waiting to see who will win. Online betting sites especially favor tennis wagers.

American Sports

London locals have noticed that the NFL, or the National Football League, has made its way into the city. American football has suddenly become immensely popular even outside of America. It’s wildly easy to find online places to wager on NFL teams and their chances of competing in the ultimate football event, the Superbowl. Basketball and baseball are also popular American sports that are gaining traction in other countries. As they grow more popular, there are more opportunities to place bets. Nothing wrong with making some money on sports outside the UK!


These are simply the most popular betting options that London sportsbooks have to offer. There are many other events, athletic or otherwise, that you can take a risk on in the city. It might be worth it to try out a new sport and see how much you can earn!