Fashionably dancing on my own …together!

If you don’t know, now you know!

Thursday night is the new Friday with my soon-to-be-famous friend DJ Justin Victoria. Be prepared to dance your face and feet off because he always has a great set list! You will find it impossible to stop dancing even for a second. Friday morning you will need to put your feet on ice and take it easy because you were hard at work on the dance floor with non-stop amazing music.

I had another amazing night Thursday Oct. 11, on 11th street at my favorite bar in DC, The Wonderland Ballroom! I rolled in deep with a crew of friends that has either been to one of Justin’s DJ nights, know him personally, or had just heard the hype and had to experience it for themselves. Everyone who came had a great night because Justin always puts on a great dance party. He already has an impressive following and they all love to dance, party and are always dressed well. Feel free to become a fan! You can check out Justin’s Sound cloud for a sneak peek of what you have been missing and make sure to come out the next time he is hosting a dance marathon which will be Nov. 1. Its coming up so get your outfit ready!

What to wear to a Justin Victoria Dance party you might ask? Well that was the tricky part for my roommate/best friend Ashleigh and me. We had a hard time picking out choice outfits for the big night out.

We spend many a night drinking a hefeweizen or two at Wonderland (they have it on tap, no big deal!) It is not every night that we get to put on our dancing shoes. We are also not strangers to dancing on Thursday nights at Wonderland, but until Justin started DJing there it was mostly just the two of us dancing on our own! Don’t get me wrong we like having a lot of room to move, but its nice to share the space with people woalso love to dance and have fun and get down on a Thursday night in our nation’s capital. A lot of our friends and Justin fans come from Maryland and Virginia, even California when they are in town come out to Columbia Heights to get their freak on!

I made a Facebook invite for the event last week and I called it DOMO dance party! Domo stands for Dancing on my own. I made this the event name for multiple reasons, number one because that’s how Ashleigh and I used to spend our Thursday nights, and two because Justin is notorious for always playing one of my favorite Robyn songs, “Dancing on my Own.”

It is an amazing powerful song that everyone goes crazy for. I even have interpretive loosely choreographed dance with my friend Misun that we end up doing almost every time. She is also an amazing musician who is making a name for herself so check out her music as well.

Back to the important stuff … Clothes! I am having a weather fashion crisis! It’s cold and I don’t know what to wear! I want to be warm on the way to the party, but stay cool on the dance floor. I hate wearing too many layers and being to hot to dance and I don’t mean just because of my amazing dance moves. I mean it is just hard for me to find the right thing to wear without being too hot or too cold. That fact is you can’t drop all your layers off at the coat check or in the middle of the circle you make with your friends.

It seems like every ’80s and ’90s dance gear fashion trend has warmed its way back into the heart of the fashion world, especially now that Neon is back and though I do love wearing tights, leg warmers and big neck off-the-shoulder sweaters, I wasn’t feeling it.

I have a few pair of pants that I like now but it seems so unnatural to wear on the dance floor. Unless they are leggings, I will feel restricted. I decided to wear a full body cat suit, otherwise known as a unitard! My friend Sadira, the amazing crafty B herself (see Cigar Girl blog post) gave me an American Apparel black full body catsuit a while back for helping her on a project. I have been waiting for the right occasion to wear it.

I decided to wear it in honor of Robyn the ’90s pop star who has made an amazing comeback and is one of my personal heroes. She is back and better than ever, but her fashion sense still screams ’90s pop star — which I love!

Me in my cat suit with my Cat Eponine!
A very similar picture to my Halloween costume last year
I was Cat Women the WB Cartoon Version

Robyn is no stranger to full body suits and unitards herself. So I knew what I was going to wear and it was so comfortable and the perfect thing to keep me warm on my walk over and still feel free to do lunges and back rolls on the dance floor. Robyn is notorious for doing this fish flop dance move in one of her videos and during performances. The body suit is the perfect outfit for this move!

I needed something else to complete the look I was going for, I didn’t feel fancy enough in just the cat suit, so… I classed it up with this black sequin skirt I got from Delia’s when I was in high school. I never wore it, so I gave it to Ashleigh a while ago and she lent it back to me for the evening. Everything else of course fell into place.

I wore my favorite fancy long adjustable disco ball earrings, made by me of course. I also wore a dangly stud in my cartilage, which BTW is Another ’90s trend that has made its way back. Cartilage and multiple earrings are in again, this time it is studs that are in and not hoops. The earring I like to wear is one that my brother Eli gave me. I also wore my dancing go to Steve Madden heels that I have on a permanent loan from a friend.  I also used my Betsy Johnson clutch to carry my camera. The clutch was a present from my friend, Sarah, who lives in the Big Apple. Can you believe she found it in box a free stuff? Only in NYC would someone be throwing out beautiful designer things that I would die to have. I can use only purses and clutches that are big enough to carry my camera.

I completed my outfit with very few things that I actually bought which feels like an accomplishment!

As always I had a great night with a great crowd and the great crew at wonderland Ballroom so please come next time. Nov. 1. Music starts at 10 p.m. and you can be sure to find me dancing there on my own or we can all dance together!


  • Unitard- American apparel- Free
  • Skirt -Delia’s -$30 (years ago)
  • Heels – Steve Madden -Borrowed
  • Clutch-Betsy Johnson- Free
  • Earrings-Ear candie – Free, made by me