Digital Drinks with Your Colleagues? It’s more fun with these 3 Tips!

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Due to the pandemic, Friday Night Drinks with your colleagues after work might be a little bit different than you’re used to. As most employees are forced to work from home, popping a beer in the office with every single one of you is no longer possible. Therefore, we exchanged drinks at the office for drinks behind our screens. You can imagine that toasting to a successful week is more fun in reality than from behind a screen. That’s why in this article, we give you three tips on how to make digital drinks with your colleagues more fun! 

Well begun is half done

Well begun is half done they always say. That’s also a fact with digital drinks. In order for it to go smoothly, it’s important that every participant downloads the same communication tool and that they know the login information. Make sure that you choose a communication tool that has room for all colleagues. In Zoom for example, up to 100 people can join the conversation. Don’t forget to let everyone know when the party starts to avoid unnecessary waiting. Preferably send everyone a reminder 10 minutes before the drinks start. 

Gadgets, decorations and snacks

If it’s not just Friday Night Drinks, but a complete business party, it should be fun for everyone. To get everyone in the party mood, you can send your colleagues a little party package with some cool gadgets, decorations and snacks. You can think of balloons (Dutch: ballonnen), a bubble blowing machine, confetti and other festive decorations (Dutch: feestversiering). And what about some specialty beers, a small bottle of wine or some yummy cheeses and meats? With these items, every colleague will get excited about the business party.

Riddles, games and quizzes

What makes your drinks with colleagues even more fun is playing some old school games. Playing some classic board games from behind your screen is rather impossible, but luckily there are other games you can play. What about a fun quiz? You can easily create a quiz via special platforms such as QuizStud and Kahoot. This is the moment to ask your colleagues some hilarious things you normally don’t dare to ask. The mobile app “House Party” also offers you fun games such as Pictionary and Trivia. To get everyone involved, you can think of a small price for the winner! 

Hopefully, you and your colleagues will have a blast at your ‘new’ digital after-work drinks and business parties!

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