Creative Ways to Propose During Covid-19

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic put a lot of grand plans on hold for the foreseeable future. As disappointing as that may be, the one thing that can still be as loving a gesture as ever is a marriage proposal. The most important part of a marriage proposal is that it comes from the heart, which makes the options for popping the question while under quarantine virtually endless.

The first step in any marriage proposal is getting the perfect ring, which can be helped along by checking out Adina’s Jewels. Once that is squared away, it is time to get start brainstorming creative ways to propose during Covid-19. Check out the information below of some truly romantic quarantine proposal ideas.

A Backyard Proposal

Long before the backyard wedding takes place, individuals may want to consider a backyard proposal. This low-key set up requires only romantic lighting, a comfortable blanket or backyard swing, mood candles, and a perfect floral bouquet. The proposer can then pick the perfect moment to present the engagement ring and ask their love to marry them.

A Rooftop Proposal

For those who do not have a yard, planning a proposal on the rooftop is a perfect option. In true Lady and the Tramp fashion, the proposer can set up a romantic candle-lit dinner on the roof of the building in which they live. Couple it with a romantic sunset and the person to whom they propose is sure to be impressed.

A Hidden Treasure Proposal

For the bookworms that are not too upset about staying inside, planning a hidden treasure proposal could be wonderful. The proposer can do this buy purchasing a copy of their partner’s favorite book, gluing the pages together, and hollowing out the center to create a little treasure box. In here, the proposer can place the engagement ring and a romantic note requesting their hand in marriage.

Plan a Romantic Home Transformation

There is no greater surprise for a person than walking into a room in their house and having it transformed into something entirely different. For a marriage proposal, the proposer can go all out in decorating a room in their home, complete with balloons, rose petals on the floor, soft lighting, and romantic music. From that moment on, that room will have a sweet memory attached to it, no matter how long the quarantine lasts.

A Music Proposal

For those who are adept at singing or playing an instrument, planning a music proposal may be the ultimate way to ask someone to marry them. Serenading someone is romantic on any day and combining it with a marriage proposal is sure to bring tears to the eyes of their partner. Whether the proposer covers their favorite song or composes one of their own, a music proposal is sure to get their partner to say “yes.”

Move Night Proposal

If there is one thing that is a constant in the movie world, it is a classic love story. Proposers can plan a romantic evening at home watching their favorite love films to set the tone for the proposal. Once the film is over, proposers can mimic their favorite Hollywood love scene and ask their partner to marry them.

Final Thoughts

Whether it was a wedding or a proposal, many couples have had to adapt their love story due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With a little creativity and a lot of heart, couples can still have their perfect proposal. They can use these ideas listed here or come up with a proposal that is unique to them, transforming a stressful period into something heartwarming and beautiful.


Feature Image by chiplanay from Pixabay