Best Ski Destinations in the United States

Image by Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida from Pixabay

It’s never too early to start planning your next ski trip. Fortunately, living in the United States means there are many options from which to choose. Depending on what kind of skiing you like and how far you want to travel, there is no doubt you can find a spot that is perfect for you and your tastes and skill level. Let’s take a tour around the absolute best ski destinations in the United States. 

Vail, Colorado

Vail is one of the most famous and popular ski destinations in the United States. In normal, non-covid times, it is packed with skiers and tourists. It has a massive ski complex and a village that brings a European sensibility to the Rocky Mountain region. There is a ton to see and do besides the skiing inside the village. There are varied ski hills for all levels, but this is a resort town that will appeal to hardcore skiers. For some, Vail is a little too corporate for their tastes, including the very expensive lift tickets. While that may be true, it offers an excellent skiing experience. 

Park City, Utah

Park City is surrounded by olympic-level ski hills, including some that were used in the actual Olympics. Park City Mountain Resort is the largest ski resort in the United States, and hosted the men’s and women’s alpine ski competitions in the 2002 Olympic games. It continues to host the U.S. Ski Team’s training facilities. Since it’s so large, you can expect a little bit of something for everyone when it comes to skiing attractions. There are lots of places to stay in the resort, however, there can be a lot of hustle and bustle. For a quieter place to stay, consider renting a cabin in Park City where you can make sure to get your rest for the big ski days to follow. 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole has built its reputation for being a destination that offers challenging ski terrain and isolated wilderness experiences. However, it has tried to build its appeal in recent years to families and beginners, and it has succeeded. With Solitude Station, it has created a space for families and those who are willing to learn without sacrificing what appeals to veteran skiers looking for a challenge. In fact, it’s more appealing to them if they have families who could not accompany them in the past. There are plenty of places to dine and eat on the mountain, as well as numerous discount options in the surrounding region. 

Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado

Aspen is well-known around the world for quality ski experiences and a busy nightlife. When you talk about Aspen as a ski destination, that includes four ski areas. They are Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain, and Aspen Highlands. Among them, there are endless amounts of runs and terrain to cover. There’s almost no way to properly experience them all in one trip. There are plenty of places to stay both on the resorts and in the neighboring towns of Aspen and Snowmass. If you are looking for excitement on the slopes and after hours, then Aspen is the place to go. 

Steamboat, Colorado

If glade skiing is your thing, then Steamboat should be your preferred destination. It offers the best glade skiing runs in the state, and there are paths available for skiers of all ages and skill levels. The elevation at Steamboat isn’t as extreme as some other Colorado destinations, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick or running out of steam too early. The nearby town is rustic and isolated. You don’t have to worry about crowds or lineups like at some other resorts in the area. So if a more quaint, yet exciting, ski trip is just what you are looking for, then put Steamboat on your itinerary. 

When it comes to skiing, there are few countries that can boast the wealth of options that the United States can. Whether you’re looking for big majestic views, or the challenge of skiing through tree trails, and everything in between, we have got it all. The biggest challenge in planning your next ski trip is not finding places to go, it’s choosing from the best ones.