Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Advanced Users

If you have been investing in bitcoin for a little while now, you might be wondering how to invest bitcoin on a bigger and more effective scale. Well, the answer is to hunt out the best cryptocurrency exchanges for advanced users. 

While there are plenty of exchange platforms on the market, some are catered for the more part-time trader. If you are looking to take trading seriously, you need an exchange platform with a few more options on offer for your cryptocurrency and bitcoin investment

Luckily for you, you will be able to find all these exchanges here on this top list of the best exchanges for advanced users.


When it comes to Binance, one of the best things about them is that they cater to all types of players. While they are great for beginners, they are equally as great for more advanced users of their service. 

Any Binance review will indicate this by the fact that they offer two trading charts for their users, basic and advanced. Obviously, the latter one is the one you are looking for if you want to handle bitcoin investments on a larger scale as it gives you a closer look at what is going on with your finances and where the market is head. 

As well as this, they have a huge amount of options to buy cryptocurrency, including plenty of options for altcoins. You will gain access to a wider selection of cryptocurrencies, while also being provided better market evaluation options.


Coinbase is one of the most innovative exchange platforms in the business, which makes it ideal for users looking to take their trading a little more seriously. 

The control they give you over handling your portfolio is one of the biggest reasons why this is. You can set up recurring buys on their platforms every day, week or month you can set up buys and watch your collection of coins steadily grow, while you concentrate on other aspects of your trading,

Their security furthers their trustworthiness for players who are building big portfolios and want the peace of mind. They use the best practices in the industry when it comes to crypto storage with the option for offline storage and vault protection which offers time delayed withdrawals. 

As well as this, all your funds are insured. What else makes them ideal for the big-time trader is the mobility they offer. As well as mobile apps for trading on the go, they also now offer a new debit card service, which links with your Coinbase account so you can actually use cryptocurrencies to pay for things in the real world.


BitMex offers some of the most advanced trading options in the businesses and are definitely not for newcomers to the game and cater only to the bigger players in cryptocurrency investment.

They offer assistance with aspects of trading simply not relevant for part-time traders such as load shedding, liquidation, margin trading, including leveraging and deleveraging. 

The latter of these is probably the most important element of Bitmex as they offer up to 100x leveraging on some of their products, allowing you to buy as many as 100 bitcoin products for just one bitcoin, as well as high leverage on alt coins too.

Their stats help speak for themselves elsewhere too, offering 1500% liquidity on bitcoin/USD pairing and performing 100 audits a second. Furthermore, they offer advanced API and industry-leading security. 

If that is not enough, they also have regular in-depth trading advice on their blog about cryptocurrency and bitcoin investment that will give you detailed analysis about where the smart money is heading, so you can take advantage. 

All of this combined means that if you are looking to step it up, learn all about how the ins and out work and start turning your hobby into a career, then Bitmex is the go-to for you.

The above list contains venues to exchange bitcoin and buy cryptocurrency you have to be at if you want to make the most out of your bitcoin trading. 

They are the most secure exchanges with the most options at your disposal and certainly the best cryptocurrency exchanges for players who want to trade on an advanced level. Head over to one of them now and change the way you trade forever.