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Paul Ryan for 2016 means Joe Biden landslide

The GOP already is in denial.

The False Prophets of the fat-cat Washington think tanks and the conservative talk show circuit who have locked it into its suicidal kamikaze death dive are already proclaiming their Messiah for 2016 – Paul Ryan.

The Republican Right is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD is no joke. Ask any Vietnam, Afghan or Iraq war vet. If untreated and unacknowledged it can last for decades: Even when treated that can happen.

Enough said.

So if you have a ‘Loved One’ who knowingly exposes themselves to two hour or more of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and company every day, expect them to wake up screaming in the middle of every night for the next four years.

The Republican Right really thought they were going to win this one. They were as sure the polls lied as they are that Global Warming is a hoax.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank reported that before reality finally intruded, Romney was so confident of his coming coronation that he told reporters on his plane he would treat himself to a hyper-expensive hunting dog used by European royalty once he won.

A regular guy at heart Who Feels Your Pain: Yeah, sure.

Election Night, 2012 was a vastly darker day for the Republican Right than Election Night 2008. It was 1948 redux. As the great Yogi Berra rightly said, It was déjà vu all over again.

But this has been building up for a long, long time.

The GOP has had a minority on under-30 voters since 1992. The last time they had a majority in that category was in 1988.

Forget the myth that white America loves the GOP. On Tuesday Night white women and under-30 whites went for Obama. What else can you expect when the Tea Party takes the likes of Todd Akin in Missouri and Richard Mourdock in Indiana to its ever-loving heart?

Expect happily-elected Sens. Claire McCaskill and Joe Donnelly to denote the balance of their campaign funds to the Tea Party. They want it to be alive and well and choosing their opponents six years from now when they face reelection.

The Dems have now outpolled the Republicans in the popular vote in five out of the last six presidential elections.

Reread that last sentence.

You drinking this?

Five out of the last six presidential elections:

And never by a margin of less than half a million votes:

Barack Obama’s victory margin in a time of well over seven percent unemployment was still more than three million votes.

Who’s America’s Party now?

The Republican Elite spent $1 billion for this?

And who’s their White Knight for 2016? Paul Ryan – A man who couldn’t even carry his home state for the GOP ticket this time: An arrogant, cold-hearted, neocon-loving, Ayn Rand-spouting clown whose obsession with gutting Medicaid and Medicare instead fatally gutted Romney’s hopes of carrying Florida.

That settles it. Palin beat Ryan in the marathon, according to the Atlantic’s graphic. Ryan,  said his real time was much better, which if true, he might want to try out for the Olympics.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but come back, Sarah Palin – Please. You were so much better than this.

You think Democratic political strategists are trembling in their stylish wingtips at the thought of a Ryan candidacy in 2016? They are praying for it – They can’t believe their luck.

For Democrats, Paul Ryan in 2016 is Herbert Hoover in 1932. He’s Jimmy Carter in 1980, Walter Mondale in ’84, Bob Dole in ’96. He’s a deer caught in the spotlights.

Ryan for the Dems is the Gift that Keeps on Giving. He opposed the auto industry bailout – He handed Michigan, Pennsylvania and even Ohio to the Obama campaign on a plate.

Romney was perfectly poised to win after he ran rings around Obama in the first presidential debate. (As the president rightly said later, he should have drunk those two extra cups of coffee before going onstage). It was the vice presidential debate that turned the tide.

Old Fighting Joe Biden pummeled Ryan to matchwood.

Ryan, who had made such a play out of his wholesome American Dad! image for so long (Take that! Seth MacFarlane and Stan Smith!), found himself exposed as a hypocrite and ignoramus on the magnificent tradition of the Catholic Church on moral responsibility for the poor and social justice by the Veep. Biden had prepped up on De Rerum Novarum, 1891 and Pope Leo XIII. Ryan had not. A 69-year-old (He turns 70 on Nov. 20) liberal wimp left the 41-year-old virile GOP Macho Man looking the way Max Schmeling looked after two minutes and four seconds in the ring with Joe Louis in 1938.

Schmeling was only in hospital for 10 days after that pummeling. The Romney team wisely put on Ryan on ice for the rest of the campaign – But the damage was done.

Republicans have loved to dump on Old Joe as a wimp and a joke for 24 years. But when the stakes were highest, he single-handed turned the campaign around and blazed the way for the president’s comeback by wiping the floor with the self-styled eagle-eyed, muscle-bulging, deer-hunting Hawkeye from the Wisconsin Frontier.

Of course, deer don’t shoot back.

How do we know this guy Ryan wasn’t a Democrat mole or agent of influence, all along? Did he infiltrate the GOP on the direct orders of Bill Clinton 20 years ago with the Mission Impossible of making it a laughing stock? (Come to think of it, Ryan does look like a cross-eyed Tom Cruise) Old Bill certainly has the brains and the sense of humor to pull that one off.

What could make the Democrats Dream Prom Come True even sweeter? The prospect that Ryan and Eric Cantor might oust Speaker of the House John Boehner for not being sufficiently hardline and that they prevent any deal being made with the President to avoid the Fiscal Cliff catastrophe gaping in front of us wider and deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Are you kidding me?

Ryan – that great self-proclaimed champion of fiscal virtue – hasn’t raised a finger to take any real action to cut government spending. He destroyed all hope of brokering a deal on the realistic, serious Bowles-Simpson Commission plan because it wouldn’t gut Medicare, remember?

Ryan and the House Republicans had better wake up fast: Their continued refusal to act constructively on the Fiscal Cliff –whether or not the President does – will melt down the congressional GOP as eternally as the Whigs and the Know Nothings were forever destroyed in the 1850s by their refusal to bite the bullet on standing up against Slavery.

The Republican Right really thought they were going to win this one. They were as sure the polls lied as they are that Global Warming is a hoax.

I must certainly do NOT believe that for the next four years all will be for the best in the best of all possible worlds. Obama could crash and burn – really. The dangers we face on the economic and world scenes really are that serious. I do not believe for a second we are going to be on a four year ride into La-La Land.

But the GOP is as ill-prepared for these coming storms as it was for Hurricane Katrina and the fiscal meltdown of 2008. Like the doomed Bourbon dynasty of France so briefly restored after the defeat of Napoleon, they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Time to wake up, guys.

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Martin Sieff

Martin Sieff is an editor at Sputnik, the Russian-owned news organization. He is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East (2008), Gathering Storm (2014) and Cycles of Change: The Three Great Eras of American History and the Coming Crisis that will Lead to the Fourth (2014). Follow Martin on: @MartinSieff Contact the author.
  • This article is not mean. Mean is Romney sneering at the 47 percent, telling his fat-cat base that he will never convince the people who support Obama to take responsibility for their lives. “Self-deportation ” is mean. Paul Ryan trying to gut Medicare and Social Security is mean. Limbaugh repeatedly calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and singing “Barack the Magic Negro” is mean. And stupid.

  • biden is the reliable old career politician you love to have at your back … someone who could safely handle the presidency if something happened to obama, or the guy who shows that experience can beat the hell out of a mouthy upstart in a vice-presidential debate – the pleasant surprise that your crazy old uncle retains a surprising amount of his old powers. but there is no way whatsoever biden is the electrifying, reliable or cohesive personality that the democrats would nominate for president, unless they catch whatever brain-eating virus the republicans are dying of. he is solid, but gets by on the leeway we allow for people who hold the essentially symbolic job of VP

  • PR16

    Wow, this is just awful! Even if I wasn’t a Republican, God as long as your human you can tell this is just trash nasty journalism. Any man or woman can spew hate for any one individual but in the end it just reveals personal Insecurity. By the way, this “Martin Sieff” character needs to face strife over this VERY personal attack on a man whom IS a devoted father figure and overall just a 1st class American. In this story, Paul Ryan is our Captain America, and Martin, Hydra. And he shall burn all the same under the full wrath of the Republican 2016 Victory and policy. Martin, you strike me as one who certainly likes eating so I’ll be sure that you eat your words come 2016.

    • I think Captain America needs to take some vitamins. He couldn’t carry his own state, or even his own county, for that matter.

  • ebb

    This is the most hateful article I have ever read!!!!

    • sad to be an american

      I agree, this is very spitefull and mean. Wow.

    • crsll

      This writer needs to go back to journalism school if he ever went and get an education in how to write an article. Horrid.

      • texasboy

        What was said in this article is absolutely true; Joe Biden made Paul Ryan look foolish in their debate and Mr. Ryan lied about his marathon time (something that is just not done). If you want him to represent the Republican Party in the next election, then have at it.

    • texasboy

      You must not read very much.