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How to write a college application essay

What does it take to write a great application essay? How difficult is it? Can you impress a college commission with one essay only? Do your grades matter? How long your essay should be and what should you never mention in it?

These are only a few questions, which bother every student who is preparing documents for college or university. A college application essay is usually a stumbling rock on the road to a college for so many students. So, they continuously looking for some secret advice, which can help you to get accepted immediately. The truth is there is no hidden secret when it comes to a college application. All you have to do is to present to the commission officer what they’re looking for. So, what they are looking for? Let’s find it in our today’s article. In case you need your college essay or tomorrow or even today, you can apply to a professional assignment service to get writing help additionally.

College Essay Writing Tips

First of all, let’s understand what the commission is looking for.

The main goal of an application essay is to provide the college you’re applying to with an opportunity to get to know you. In other words, it is your chance to share your own story and your own voice. Due to the fact that most universities do not interview their candidates, an essay is the only one chance to make a decision whether to accept a student or not. In this situation, your main goal is to stand out with your essay. But don’t confuse standing out with what you’ve used to. To stand out with your college essay means to make it as personal as it is possible. In order to make it unique in the way the commission expects you to, you have to write your personal, honest story without adding something from other people. Don’t copy someone else with your writing. Be unique. Be yourself. That’s exactly what a commission is looking for.

In order to create a great college essay, you have to take some time and consider what makes you who you are. This means, preparing your writing in advance. Don’t postpone the writing process until the last day before the deadline. Think about your journey, your previous experiences until this moment. We’re not talking about your achievements at school only. Even if you’ve failed at something, tell about it. Show what have you learned and obtain from your success and mistakes. What are the most defining moments in your life? What has influenced the decision to apply to this particular college or university?

Get a clear understanding of what you might contribute to the university community. Why is this place the ideal one for you particularly?

Since you already know what to write your essay about, let’s look at some things which you’re not recommended to mention in your application.

Things to Avoid In Your College Essay

  • Don’t make excuses in your writing. Never make excuses for your previous low grades or tests that you’ve failed. Of course, you can and should mention your weak sides in the essay as well. But talking about them and making excuses are two different things. Instead, make the advantage of those failures;
  • Don’t mention that you’re applying for a lot of colleges at the same time. Some students mention the fact that they haven’t decided yet which college to apply. In your college essay, you have to be fully targeted and focused on that one college, which you’re sending your application at, even if you’re applying to several places at a time.

And the last but not least is the question about grades. Do your grades matter in the college application? Yes, of course, your grades are an important element, but not a crucial one. Even if you have quite average or even low grades, focus on the essay as much as possible. A perfectly written essay can replace the less impressive grades. So, make sure you send the right application to the college or university, which you want to study at. And don’t forget that the uniqueness of your essay depends on how personal and honest it is.


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