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Will Maryland Follow New Jersey and Legalize Online Gambling?

Gambling has a long history in Maryland, mainly in regards to horse racing. In recent times gambling in the way of casinos in the state has really taken off, and the record for gaming revenue has just hit an all-time high in the month of March. The revenue figure for the month reached $150.1m and the market is mainly made up of the 6 privately owned casinos in the state.

Within the USA, New Jersey is currently the state with the largest online gambling market and benefitting the most from it. The market is currently worth over $225m per year. The online casinos are generally run by the same companies operating the land-based ones, based in the ‘Vegas of the East’ Atlantic City. However, there are companies who are solely focusing on the casino niche with PartyCasino NJ springing to mind. So, is it possible that Maryland could follow New Jersey’s lead here and benefit from online gambling?

It is very possible that Maryland could soon decide to join the small amounts of states which offer legalized online gambling and they may see just how much New Jersey have benefitted from this and decide they want in on the action. It is already possible to partake in fantasy sports and place wagers on horse and greyhound racing online within the state, so what could be next?

The casinos within Maryland already benefit from a large customer base that could be tapped into. The Lawmakers in Maryland already stated that they are not opposed to the idea of online gambling but they would prefer to see how it pans out in other states first, before making any steps to legalize it. Seeing the success of online gambling in nearby state New Jersey must be going a long way towards showing them just how successful it can be.

It will be important for the land-based casinos to not feel threatened by the introduction of online gambling and it is vital that if the state is to introduce this they work with the existing casinos. Working together has been a big success in New Jersey and the majority of the online gambling sites available are provided by the same companies as the casinos in Atlantic City. Therefore it would be wise to offer the land-based casinos within Maryland the opportunity to introduce online arms of their business. A potential first step towards this could be with Caesar’s, who owns the Horseshoe Baltimore casino and are also involved with New Jersey’s online gambling industry.

It shouldn’t be long before Maryland follow New Jersey and look to benefit from online gambling in the same way, especially as they are really seeing a lot of growth and success within their land-based casino industry. Online gambling seems to be the logical next step for the state, which has seen an expansion in land-based gambling and a 2016 law legalizing some home poker games.

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