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We don’t need fluoridated water

We do not have fluoridated water in Scotland.

And 45 percent of primary school children in the Lothian area have tooth decay.

Until a few years ago, Scotland was THE ONLY country in the world where sales of a home produced soft drink – Irn Bru – were higher than those for Coca-Cola or Pepsi. More on those soft drinks a bit later.

Oh, and we do not have a “Tea Party” government, whether it be a Boston or Mad Hatters variety. We have the Scottish Nationalists, a party keen to have a referendum on independence with possibly two questions on the ballot form. The second one is yet to be announced, but it will NOT be one asking whether the populace is in favor of gay marriage as the Government is, “Minded to be in favor of it.”

Also in Britain we have a fairly recent addition to our social sub-groupings, the NIMBY’ers or Not In My Back Yard-ers.  A swift thumbnail sketch of these people. Having made their pile, usually in either I.T. The Stock Market, Banking or the like, they buy themselves a “nice house in the country.” In so doing and because of their financial clout, they price local residents out of the housing market, many of whom were born and raised in these newly desirable areas, and who have families and roots there.

Local government tries to respond to this lack of housing by building newer, more affordable homes. Enter the NIMBY’s, who, armed with no more than their laptops, tablets and PC’s mount campaigns against such new building as it would (in their minds) spoil this nice pristine countryside they have paid so much to enjoy.

A cartoon in Private Eye some years back had it to a “T.” John Constable’s “The Haywain” was the scene, enriched by a newly arrived NIMBY asking if he would mind moving the cart as it was spoiling his view of the otherwise pristine countryside.

My point?

If it is one, is that middle classes (as the NIMBY’s surely are) everywhere enter into frenzied “wank-fests” or self-righteous indignation whenever their precious little lives are threatened by change of any kind that their recently Googled opinions differ from, regardless of whatever form of administration they live under.

And why on God’s good earth do we have to listen to their endless self-interested drivel? Because of their Internet access. One reason why perhaps, in Britain there is now such a hoo-hah about rural broadband speeds, and more branches of planet Tesco are being built everywhere. I mean, what is the point of living out in the country if you can’t get a decent download speed and a goat’s cheese and caramelized red onion quiche without driving 30 miles?

So I hear through the “wonder” of the interweb, that there are plans afoot from Alderman Jim Bohl to change “What made Milwaukee famous” from Pabst and Schlitz and Blatz to water – largely as nature intended – without added fluoride.

Head for the hills!

It’s the end of the world as we know it! Open up the shelter Martha, the communists are coming.

OK. I get that the “Tea Party” (Mad Hatters or Boston I still know not) is causing something of a stir (with a Tea spoon maybe?) in the United States just now. Could I maybe suggest it’s because for throughout almost your entire history you have had only the choice of two parties? F*cked if you do and F*cked if you don’t and the sudden arrival of a new option is a little too hard for your brains to accept.

Here’s a lovely tea party with flowers,  roses and cookies. Why are liberals against that America?

It’s not that I am not a fan of the American political system, although I am not, it’s just that in his work “The Republic” (any significance in the fact it wasn’t titled “The Democrat”?) Plato only listed Democracy as his fourth favorite form of government behind this week’s No. 1 – Benign Despotism.

It’s simply that, despite the fact that Eastern philosophies are bandied about by any and every semi-literate half-wit these days, no-one seems to have grasped the simple truth behind the old Chinese saying that, “There are two sides to every coin.”

Meaning, to me and others, that no matter who is in charge, no matter which party they represent, no matter what policies they propose, there will always be folk out there who consider themselves better informed, better allied and with better ideas than those already doing the job. Fact of life.

So ask yourselves this, given that there are arguments both for and against fluoridation of water – and the fact that some areas have naturally higher levels of fluoride than others, and for the benefit of Alderman Bohl’s information, Bisphenol A (a xenoestrogen and known endocrine disruptor) is found in many bottled waters due to its leaching from the plastic of the bottles it comes in – why are people simply perpetuating these arguments rather than proposing any meaningful solutions?

James Bohl

As an aside, there are also levels of estrogen high enough in tap water to worry Alderman Bohl should he have any aversion to the most basic of Prostate inspections.

Here in the UK, I, like a lot of other people have largely lost faith in government. Their jobs are unenviable ones, trying to make choices for the good of the majority, given the rising numbers of internet taught know-alls out here. These days if you want something doing or changing, your local supermarket chain is more likely to respond to your request. They are after your money after all, and will do anything to get it.

Organic food? Shop at Planet Tesco. Want your food correctly labeled? Planet Tesco again. They react swifter than government, again, only because they want your bucks, and being in that position, they react quicker to your wants and desires. Governments of all kinds are only trying to balance the books and make best use of our taxes, in theory.

How about stick flouride in soft drinks like COKE? If consumers want it, they will buy it.

So, instead of berating local or national politicians for doing what is their job after all, why not instead start to campaign those large multi-national out there that supply the food chain? Put fluoride in Coke and Pepsi instead of the water, because, when did you last see a child or teenager drink water from a tap anyway? Put Statins in hamburger and cut down on cholesterol levels that way.

Tooth decay is a particular American obsession I feel. Take the lyrics of “Television” by The Disposable Heroes of Hipocrisy. “Where straight teeth in your mouth are more important than the words that come out of it.”

Ring any bells?

If money that was previously spent on fluoridation of water supplies is put into provision of fluoride toothpastes it’s only another way of tackling the same problem. Social inequality.

Another way would be to develop greener computer keyboards that turn each of the up and down motions of keypads frantically slavered over by NIMBY zealots into electricity which could be harnessed and sold. That or actually charging the middle classes a toll of two cents for the privilege of putting their two cents worth in?

That ought to raise a few bucks.

Toothpaste has fluoride. Read the label.

Somehow a balance needs to be struck between social rights and responsibilities. It would be a responsible thing to do to buy your child a fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities and better value than fluoridating an entire water supply of which most goes to adults already past the at risk state of dental development.

The right of all those paying taxes would be to believe their tax dollars were being used most efficiently, perhaps by targeting those children most at risk. And you can bet your bottom dollar (I do so love some American idioms) that the children of the NIMBY’s who complain most loudly will all have access to appropriate standards of dental care already as their parents will all be “media savvy.”

As I have mentioned before (you haven’t read my back blogs? Shame on you) we have already accepted that many forms of exposure to massed media influences affect people’s lives and attitudes. The same media influences that never report heroin addicts winning Olympic Gold or Nobel prizes, because they never happen, but simply that “Heroin addict dies tragic death” or Mugs old lady” yet people still take heroin.


Is it only the illiterate or those who have no access to media in any form? In ANY form? Who are they?

An example of NIMBY-ism I know from my own experience, is when my local secondary school in Bristol was closed due to changing demographics. The kids formerly taught there were given the option of moving to either of two schools, one a mile away, the other a mile and a half. I myself used to walk daily to the one a mile and a half away.

Parents were outraged that their children might have to walk to one or other of these schools, and so they protested, wrote hundreds of outraged letters and were on TV making their voices heard, between shoving cream cakes in their mouths (they protested near a bakery) and smoking, complaining that their little darlings might have to exercise.

Which made me think of those advertisements placed in certain newspapers exhorting you to sponsor an African child who has to walk six miles to school every day to receive an education vastly inferior to the one provided for free to the children of these ungrateful bastards and how their “rights” simply weren’t matching their “expectations.” It didn’t matter, they made a lot of noise, and that was all they had to contribute. The whole affair was someone else’s responsibility.

While we are on that subject, although doubtless the people looking for sponsors for these underprivileged African children chose the most photogenic of them for their advertising campaign, none of them seemed to suffer from any form of noticeable tooth decay, despite the fact that they have trouble obtaining any form of clean water supply, and that one certainly wasn’t fluoridated.

Anyway, it seemed to me that the parents of the local kids just weren’t living in any world I recognised as real, like a whole lot of people now.

They take all the fat out of the food. Where does it go? I think Belgium.

There are endless lifestyle choices out there in the world. Some of which have to be balanced against others. Take the current fad for “low-fat” food. In the European Economic Union, fat deemed to be “excess” is removed from foodstuffs so it can be labelled as “low fat.” All that fat is then taken to a vast warehouse in Belgium, (It may in fact BE Belgium, I don’t know) where it is then stored.

What will happen if this warehouse if then exposed to Gamma Radiation like Bruce Banner, or bitten by a plague of radioactive spiders like Peter Parker? I mean, all these things are coming true and the last thing we want is an immense radioactive surplus fat monster roaming Europe destroying all in its path.

So my solution would be to put fluoride in Coke and Pepsi, statins in hamburger, and while we are about it how about a version of that chemical in beer that makes women look more attractive the more of it you drink, that actually works for men? And then leave folks to get on with taking responsibility for their own (and their children’s) lives rather than endlessly carping on that everything isn’t being done for them?

Not only that, but in a new report just out, indignant self-righteousness destroys ozone and generates a massive carbon footprint.

So get off of those high horses will you and stop destroying my planet.


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  1. jwillie6 says:

    Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. No adult has ever walked out of their doctor’s office with a prescription for the fluoride drug because it is deadly poison and the body has no known use for it. It is never included in any multi-vitamin formulation. Drinking it to prevent tooth decay is as foolish as drinking sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Every fluoride toothpaste tube carries the warning “if swallowed, call a poison control center.” 50% of all fluoride you consume builds up in the body, in the bones, brains and other organs, so exactly why would adults want to take this poisonous drug in every glass of water every day for the rest of their lives and suffer the consequences?

  2. FluorideFreeFlorida says:

    Your right! We don’t need to be putting medication in our tap water. Let’s get the “F” out of the water!

    Florida readers, please join us in our effort to stop the practice of putting toxic chemicals in our tap water.

    Fluoride Free Florida

    On Facebook, “click to join” in upper right hand corner

  3. jwillie6 says:

    This is a very good article. The best scientific information on fluoridation can be found in Dr. Paul Connett’s book, “The Case Against Fluoride,” published last year. It contains over 1200 peer reviewed studies and sound scientific reasoning showing the ineffectiveness and dangers to health from fluoride. Also see his very informative site here (www.fluoridealert.org). You will see a petition at this site signed by over 4000 professionals, including hundreds of dentists, hundreds of doctors, and other medical researchers calling on governments everywhere to stop fluoridation; also scientific evidence to show that it causes cancer, thyroid & pineal gland damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ, kidney disease, and other serious health problems.

  4. Timothy W. Maier

    Coke uses water from local water supplies where the product is produced. Not all local water suppliers use fluoridated water. So if Coke is produced in a city or country that does not use fluoridated water, well it doesn’t have fluoride in it then.

  5. nyscof says:

    This column proves why fluoride must be taken out of water because vital information is not shared with the public. Clearly, Mr. Pearce is well-read and still is unaware that fluoride is already in coke, pepsi and virtually all foods and beverages – and naturally high in tea and ocean fish (google USDA fluoride in foods database)

    Proponents and opponents agree that too much fluoride damages bones and teeth. How much fluoride did you ingest today.

    Children get “enough” fluoride from toothpaste alone

    According to the New York State Dental Journal (March 2009)

    “The CDC states that children should have no more than 0.25 mg/F/day for 6 months to 3 years old, and 0.50 mg F/day for 3 to 6 year olds. The above data suggests that brushing a 2 year old’s teeth twice a day will expose that child to 0.46 mg F/day (0.23 F/day times 2). Clearly, brushing 2 year olds with 1,100 F toothpaste twice a day brings them over the limit of 0.25 mg F/Day. This is almost double the allowable limits for children in areas with non-fluoridated water, especially when their teeth are most susceptible to fluorosis. This does not account for all the fluoride that children in fluoridated communities imbibe on top of ingestion from brushing with fluoridated toothpaste.

    ‘In the United States, fluoridated toothpastes make up 95% of the market. Also, there are flavored toothpastes marketed for children that tend to increase the amount used – presumably, this increases the ingestion of fluoride.” In a study by Levy et al., preschoolers used a daily average of 0.81g of toothpaste flavored for children versus 0.66g of regular flavor toothpaste.”

    Few new parents and caregivers are told to avoid mixing fluoridated water with infant formula although government, health and dental agencies give out such advice – on the internet – information only seen on your PC or laptop.

    One needs to wonder why the mainstream media isn’t kept informed of negative fluoride information via news conferences and press conferences as they are when fluoride and fluoridation is touted.

    Mr. Pearce needs to be grateful to the people who peruse the scientific literature via the internet to share important information with the public that some government agencies prefer would stay buried in plain sight.

    • Jakenow says:

      NYSCOF contradicts himself. He says that Mr. Pearce is “well-read” but then points out that Mr. Pearce is unaware of the fact that soft drinks like Coke are made with fluoridated water. So, then, it seems clear that Mr. Pearce wrote an article about a subject that he doesn’t fully understand. And if you’ve traveled much in Scotland (as I have), you wouldn’t be likely to take dental advice from one of its residents. Scotland is a beautiful country. Its teeth? Not so beautiful.

      Mr. Pearce says it would be a “better value” to “buy your child a fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities” as opposed to fluoridating an entire water supply. But he doesn’t get it. This is NOT an either-or choice. Doing both is the best way to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride toothpaste is not enough on its own to give kids full protection against tooth decay. Read what the research says: http://www.ilikemyteeth.org/fluoridation/fluoride-toothpaste-enough/

      • nodwisely says:

        Can’t be bothered to read the research about this, it’s even more dull than the argument, and those having it.

      • john says:

        Hello troll jakenow !!! Pretty good try. You still have to explain, among a few other odd things: – If fluoride is so good for your and your children’s teeth (which is not proved by scientific standards), why drink (and eat) it ? (Remember you also happen to cook with tap water. But oh wait… maybe you or your wife does it with coke, since it contains more fluoride.) – “Look at what the research says…” Hmm. Well I happen to be a researcher. Please don’t mix research with politics. Otherwise disclose fully the politics. Selling to a public body a toxic by-product (from which fluoride is extracted) of the industry to be added to the water is a pretty juicy deal, isn’t it ? Please. – Can you give an example of a

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