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Top 5 Changes In Casino Regulations In Sweden: Now Vs. Before

Several new and improved legislations have been put in place on gambling in Sweden. These rules apply to all online and offline based services. The new guidelines are designed to ensure better protection to the customers and remove illegal services from the market. These are proposed to be applicable from 1 January 2019.

Here are some of the significant changes that have been suggested.


The regulations have taken a stricter tone with the companies. All companies wishing to continue providing the service will have to secure a permit from the lottery inspector. Therefore, now it is illegal to run an unlicensed gambling company, online or offline. Under the new legislation, the penalty for doing so can go up to six years of prison along with a hefty fine.

Also, the payment transactions between all the unauthorized gambling studios and customers will be blocked. Thus, it is suggested to click here for more information to only go for licensed casino platforms to avoid any troubles.

Pause your account

After the new guidelines, players have been given a privilege to pause their accounts, in case they feel like taking a break from gambling. This can be an exciting option for players. From 24 hours to 30 days, one can pause their account for any number of days.

Once you have paused your account, you will be blocked from every online gambling site which possesses a Swedish license. Along with this, you will also be barred from playing at shops and other places that collaborate with Svenska Spel and ATG.

Deposit limits

All the gambling sites that you put an account on, you need to abide by their deposit limits. These limits include daily, weekly, and monthly limits. This guideline has been set as a security measure.

More often than not, players get driven away in emotions and end up spending much more than what they had planned in the first place. Therefore, putting a limit will prevent them from spending unnecessary and keep their expenditures in check.


This is indeed one of the most significant changes so far. According to this, the casinos are only allowed to give one bonus per account to a player. Unlike earlier, daily emails and texts full of offers on free spins and deposit bonuses are canceled.

Therefore, the players will only be getting the first welcome bonus. In case you have registered on a site before 1 January 2019, don’t worry. You will still be treated as a new customer and can avail your welcome bonus.


Verification is paid high emphasis under the new guidelines. All players who have an online account are mandated to verify their accounts within 30 days from the date of their first login or registration of the account.

This has become extremely simple these days owing to the advanced technology. One can simply do it by logging in directly through their Bank ID. Or else, one can even send their documents that verify their identities manually.

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  1. Gill says:

    The government of Sweden has taken smart steps. Controlling a previous illegal niche is better than let it grow without any regulations. It will definitely open some new money sources for the treasury because casinos pay high taxes. Also, now players will feel safer when problems with casino providers arise.

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