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So have they discovered the ‘gay gene’ yet?

I ask because last week I read that scientists just discovered the 53 cells within a pigeon’s brain that govern its ability to navigate using the earth’s magnetic field, and surely if scientists are free to “discover” how a flying rodent’s brain works, it must mean they have solved one of the bigger puzzles right? Wrong.

Latest scientific thought does not support a “gay gene” theory at all. So what are the underlying “causes” if they are not genetic? I mean that for many years now the two competing “-ologies” – psychology and sociology – have been at loggerheads with each other in their continuing battle of the pseudo-sciences, each claiming the same caveat, that they know not whether it be nature or nurture that plays the greater role in shaping us all.

There seems to be some kind of uneasy truce between these two branches of “science” just now, in the form of a Mexican stand-off between two gunmen, each as useless as the other, with neither wanting to move first and reveal the full ineptitude of its position.

They do have one important thing in common. If you look at both of their names long enough they begin to look alien and idiotic.

I am glad that a gay gene hasn’t been proven yet. It means that – for the minute – some ultra-fundamentalist “Christian” groups are saved from having to agonize over whether it would be the lesser of two “sins” to abort a fetus before it were born gay.

Imagine if these groups suddenly had a whole bunch of screaming queen or bull dyke children they hadn’t the heart to abort. What would they do? They would have to love them. Maybe – if this isn’t too offensive – even going so far as “forgiving” their children. This is what Jesus might have done.

There is, perhaps, a downside to the lack of an identified genetic “cause” of homosexuality. That being that in today’s world, “proof” of a scientific nature is mandatory for legitimacy. Science. The “New Church” that has disenfranchised metaphysics and invalidated faith.

One can no longer believe and expect an open-armed welcome from the scientific community. Science, they would have us believe, is the pursuit of truth, and absolute truth at that. Anyone not following blindly and absolutely is someone viewing “reality” through the lens of faith. Unable to achieve the absolution that legitimization by scientific method confers.

Large numbers of LGBT people have absented themselves from churches which label their behavior as “deviant” (Not to mention the BLT’s), preferring perhaps cold hard “facts” obtained from empirical methodologies over ancient and in some cases, bigoted dogma, and who can blame them? Thing is, science doesn’t seem to be playing the game and providing “legitimacy” by finding evidence of an incontrovertible “cause” to balance the undeniable effects.

I think back now to the millennium, when I was less concerned about the “millennium bug” than I was thinking that there was still the possibility that the Christians could be right, and at midnight kitschy showings of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan would be interrupted by a global telecast live from Is-roy-el by the son of the man himself, informing us that no matter how many times Arnie Schwarzenegger had said it, it was in fact he who, “was back.”

After all why not?

As the old Chinese saying goes, “there are two sides to every coin” and up until it was proved wrong, it was still possible for it to be proved right, which I believe is an argument used in quantum physics, that, or was used in Quantum Leap, I forget.

My point being, I suppose, that until absolute proof is available, there is at least the possibility that every homosexual out there (in all senses) that claims to have “Always known” he/she was born gay, might just be delusional. I am not doubting their sincerity, merely their ability to “know” something which as yet, isn’t entirely “known.” Two sides to every coin remember, and it might just be that a series of complex familial or societal circumstances might be an equally valid trigger.

I don’t know any of this to be fact. There is so much I don’t know, but about which I at least direct an inquiring mind. I don’t know why some folk are gay and others are Nazis. I don’t know why it is that in a world where famine is still rife that so much time can be given over to programs about food, especially “Man Versus Food” which tends to feature its host eating enough food personally to alleviate a good deal of world hunger.

Nor do I know why birds suddenly appear every time you are near.

But I do know, that whatever, whenever and however, President Obama is now in favor of allowing the joys of marriage to be shared a little more equally among all areas of society, and that almost as soon as he voiced that opinion, his campaign coffers got several million dollars richer.





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