SEI Club, Cupid for the Ultra-Affluent

Life has always been based around certain essentials, from early man’s need for fire and shelter to the more modern world’s requirements, such as steady income, a car, a nice home, and a decent internet connection. While the things that are considered bare necessities have changed drastically over the millennia, one thing connects those early ancestors with their descendants. The search for Love!

Perhaps more than ever, love is hard to find in the fast-paced and seemingly overly busy world of today. The modern quest for success and independence has created very isolated existences. People at large live self-contained lives, separate and alone, often without realizing the depths of their solitude and what they are missing out on. Social media, a bit of a pseudo-connector, often keeps us more distant from each other than close. The idea of extended family and community is often at odds with modern lifestyles and ambitions. But love, affection, and togetherness are essential parts of the human condition. The challenge faced by many people living apart in those self-made bubbles is how to make those connections in a world where everyone seems to be walking their own, separate paths.

Thankfully, just as technology is the cause of many of these emotional problems, it also holds the solution. Online dating platforms are nothing new, but SEI Club takes finding love further by transcending any sort of online or app dating. While maintaining member privacy, it uses professional human matchmakers to connect people in a far more hands-on, personally curated way. Today, they are the go-to matchmaking service for high-flyers, professional classes, and elite customers worldwide.

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Find the Right One, With the ‘Right Ones’

Founded a decade ago and initially headquartered in New York, the matchmaking club provides a range of services that add real meaning to peoples’ lives. It is currently a division of Global Elite Membership headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Success might be its “own reward,” but achieving it can be a drain too. Many of the people considered the movers and shakers of their chosen industry spend so much time engaged in keeping their business interests moving ever-forward that they have little time for romantic adventures. What SEI Club does is bridge the gap for such professionals. With time being the biggest constraint on their members’ ability to find ‘the one’; they do their customers’ work. To this end, they have a membership of potential partners, all checked and matched so that the members can meet people who are already totally suited to their status and personality.

They have all manner of options to help you find the perfect partner, including Same Age Matched Dating, Age Difference Matched Dating, Fashion Model Matched Dating, and even a Million Dollar Plus Membership package. Everything you need to find the life partner that is right for you.

It is a high-end service for high-net-worth individuals. SEI Club Director Quang Vang has a stream of love-seeking clientele, which includes fashion models and company CEOs, entrepreneurs, A-listers, and famous names. Forty percent of the clients earn between $1 million and over $10 million a year. And obviously, working on behalf of such renowned people means that the service offered has to be as world-beating for the people who use it.

The company’s experienced and proficient matchmakers, including such industry-renowned names as Rebecca Shipp and Rachel Fay. These two prides themselves on finding the perfect match for their clients. They pour over personal records to find the most compatible match across myriad traits and attributes – likes, dislikes, age, hobbies, habits, nationality – and a host of other factors besides. The company works with just under fifty matchmakers in all major cities of the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Asia and caters to clients worldwide.

Proficiency at its Best

Although SEI Club works in an industry driven by emotion, it is perhaps the companies cold, hard statistics which give the clearest indication of just how successful they are in their mission to find their clients the perfect match. Firstly, they have a 98% to 99% success rate. Secondly, they currently have over 22,900 high-profile singles in their network. But more importantly, although they receive over 1,000 applications per week, in keeping with the highest standards that they maintain, only about 30% of those applications make it to full member status.

Any application received undergoes the most rigorous of processes before any offer of acceptance is made. This exacting screening process means that any potential candidate must meet standards of intelligence, sophistication, education, financial security, success, emotional balance, a positive outlook, and much more. Even the slightest failure to meet the membership team’s benchmarks and the applicant is deemed below the standards required, and the application is turned down. SEI Club prides itself on only working with the best of the best; it is for this reason that they are the leading company in their field.

More Than Matchmaking

SEI Club is so much more than an exclusive matchmaking service, and they offer so many other exclusive services to those who do make the grade. They offer luxury escapes and can help their clients acquire contemporary art, for example. Understanding the stress and strains of the high-pressure world that their clients operate in, they excel at packages that help them relax and unwind. They offer everything from luxury vacations to golfing breaks and access to the most exclusive spas, plus all manner of sought-after travel destinations and exotic locations. If the clients are interested in art and culture, they can arrange access to galleries and dealers to get priority access to the finest works and items as they come on the market.

The world is a busy place. It is running faster and more furiously than ever before, but SEI Club offers a haven in the eye of the storm of modern society. If the clients make the grade, they can have every possible aspect of love and luxury right at their fingertips.

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