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PartyCasino teams up with Luminosity Gaming in Canada

Despite everything that’s been going on so far in 2020, it has been an interesting year for the gambling and gaming industries.

If you’re a fan of gambling or gaming, you’ll already be familiar with how quickly these industries can change. Gambling is historically a fast-paced sector, saturated heavily with plenty of interesting companies to keep track of. The gaming world is similar, as it moves incredibly quickly and is always packed full of new technology, startups or games to be aware of. 

Many people expected the coronavirus pandemic to slow down news and developments in these sectors. Most major casinos around the world have been shut down temporarily, and many customers are keeping themselves safe at home. It’s very positive to see so many people abiding by lockdown laws, of course, as it is for the best for all of us.

Regardless of all of this, though, there have still been some incredible pieces of news to be aware of in these sectors. Partnerships have been made, interesting sports have been receiving attention from bettors and eSports popularity has been soaring.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the theme of partnerships and sponsorships in more depth. Two industry giants – PartyCasino.Fun and Luminosity Gaming – have formed an intriguing alliance recently, and it’s worth looking at this story in more depth.

Who is PartyCasino?

To make sure that we are all on the same page, we wanted to bring you some quick company summaries before getting started. After all, the industry is packed full of companies and it can be hard to keep tabs on all of them.

PartyCasino, also known as PartyCasino. Fun, is one of the leading gambling companies around right now. The company was formed in 1997 originally and has been taking the industry by storm as of late. They offer a huge range of games and betting opportunities for customers and have a fiercely loyal following online.

Who is Luminosity Gaming?

Luminosity Gaming is one of the largest eSports organizations in Canada right now. They’re dedicated to bringing the gaming world the best of the best in terms of athletes and content, and they have some incredible gamers under their wing.

Currently, Luminosity Gaming play in a lot of different tournaments. As noted here on their website, they currently have athletes playing in everything from Counter Strike and Call of Duty, to Madden and Fortnite. They have a very talented, varied roster at their disposal and have a very active social media presence as well.

What does this partnership look like?

As reported in this great eSports Insider article, Luminosity Gaming and PartyCasino have teamed up in the form of official sponsorship. This partnership focuses heavily on promoting the PartyCasino brand and supporting the Luminosity Gaming team. The PartyCasino logo will be visible on the Luminosity Gaming merchandise and uniforms.

This is a very social media-oriented partnership, and the aim behind it appears to be to unite the two audiences. The gaming world and gambling world often go hand in hand, of course, so it makes sense to see this style of alliance taking place. This partnership is sure to be beneficial for both parties to an equal degree.

It will be interesting to see how long this partnership lasts, of course. Additionally, it will be fascinating to see whether this particular sponsorship is exclusive, and whether Luminosity Gaming will be looking to work with more gambling companies.

How has the media reacted to this news so far?

Generally speaking, the reception to this sponsorship seems to have been overwhelmingly positive. As we’ve noted already in this post, both of these companies have very passionate fan followings. The audiences related to these brands seem to have accepted the partnership with indifference or with happiness, depending on their level of interest in the industry as a whole.

While researching for this blog post, we noticed a common theme of positivity from online media outlets which was great to see. Sometimes, partnerships and sponsorships can drum up negativity online, but this particular one seems to have gone down as a success on the internet.

Where might this partnership take the industry?

Finally, it’s worth noting the impact that this sponsorship might have on the community as a whole. It’s likely that we might see more sponsorships and partnerships between gaming organizations and gambling moguls taking place throughout 2020, as the two industries become even more closely intertwined than before.

After all, the gambling and gaming worlds are very similar. They are both fast-paced and saturated with competition. They also focus on keeping customers and audiences entertained with a constant stream of intriguing content.

To sum up

As we mentioned earlier, the gambling world is heavily saturated. There are simply masses of companies, entrepreneurs and startups to contend with. It can be hard for businesses to stand out from the crowd when it comes to succeeding in gaming, which is why it’s so great to see so many companies in 2020 reaching out and forming partnerships.

So far, the alliance between PartyCasino and Luminosity Gaming looks to be absolutely positive for both parties. They are both industry giants in their own right, and we’re sure to see some fantastic things coming from this partnership as we head throughout 2020.

If you’re on the hunt for a great online casino, we would recommend taking a look at PartyCasino in more depth today. They’re one of the best companies around right now, and we’re big fans of their work. Take a look at this handy review from NJ Gambling Fun to learn more about what they have to offer.

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