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Online vs Common Divorce in California: Main Peculiarities in 2018

If you guess that you know everything about the divorce procedure, you are eventually wrong. As a rule, the government of California designates new amendments to the draft legislation and rules regarding the divorce. It occurs once or two times in the year, so if you are willing to be familiar with the prevailing issues of such a process, you should check the information of the whole divorce item on the trustworthy websites that will surely give you predominantly the accurate information. Today, we will cover with you such a complicated and burning issue as the difference between the online and common types of the divorce. We hope that it will give you the clear explanation of t and it will also clarify the notion of the online divorce in general. Let’s start.

The Common Divorce

The common or the traditional divorce includes several items as child support items, the alimony, the marital property division, etc. All these issues are gradually investigated by the Family Court of California before the Judge appoints the Final Judgment. The traditional divorce should meet all the residency requirements of California, for instance, the couple should have been the residents of the California state for not less than 6 months. One of the spouses should be the constant citizen of the California state, etc. Having met the residency requirements is really the half of the deal to get a dissolution of marriage. California is announced to be a No-Fault state. It means that the spouses will not argue within the process of the divorce, moreover, they will likely do everything needed for the fast and reasonable divorce that will not cost them too much. Usually, this is easier than to make a constant fuss of the divorce, fight for the bigger chunk of the property, the individual child support, etc. The Common divorce in California is also taking the attorney to the deal. There are lots of the well-experienced attorneys in the California state who will act on the behalf of their clients and furthermore, they will bend every effort to represent their clients from the best side. If you do not want to get a Contested Divorce, you even will not need the attorney, so that you will significantly save the amount of money usually spent on the attorney’s help. The Uncontested (No-Fault) Divorce is also faster in California if you with your spouse have previously agreed on the main regulations of the divorce procedure. The minor children, the low number of the common marital property, and other things will simplify the process and give your couple the possibility to get a Final Decree as soon as possible. The cooling-off period is also present in the process of the marriage termination. It usually takes approximately 60 days. The so-called reconciliation period is needed for the couple to understand whether it is truly required to finish the marriage and whether the spouses will continue the marriage. These and other peculiarities are absolutely typical for the regular divorce in California.

The Online Divorce

If you haven’t heard about the online divorce yet, we are obliged to do it right now. Well, you remember that filing for divorce can be a rather complex procedure if you are not a professional in such a case and you do not have the attorney to help you. In California, there are lots of the reliable online divorce services that can easily prepare your papers for the divorce, with no doubts that they will be done accurately, and the Family Court will definitely approve the ready-made paperwork. The price for such a process of the documents filing in California fluctuates from $139-149. As a rule, the process is extremely fast, you will not need to wait for a week or more for the documents. The general procedure of the online paper filing last for 1-2 days. As you can assume, the process of the online preparation of the documents will be much easier than the traditional way of the document’s filing with the help of the attorney or self-preparation.

To sum it up, the Online and the Common Divorces in California have all the similar procedures except for only one, the preparation of the documents. It is not a crucial moment, but if you want to save a considerable sum of money, you will definitely appreciate the online divorce service.

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