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Obamacare: Let’s get it rolling

Yet again, we do not know where the recent developments may lead, but the piece of legislation known as  the ’Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’ commonly referred to as ‘Obamacare’ is once more undergoing  another moment of reckoning in  Washington.

At a time when many Americans are trying to fathom the profundity of healthcare reform, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney writes that “Republicans are again undermining a law that has been signed and upheld by the Supreme Court.” Yes! Republicans are again using ‘Obamacare’ as a political tool to garner votes and publicity in the upcoming election in 2014.

As White House Communication Director Jennifer Palmieri further affirms, “After three years of unsuccessful attempts in the Court and nearly 40 repeals in the House of Representatives, Congressional Republicans are still pushing for a delay in the individual mandate to sabotage efforts to ensure all Americans access to affordable healthcare.”

The Republicans point of contention is ‘the individual mandate which requires all American taxpayers to purchase health insurance.’

Notwithstanding, the delay comes at a tremendous cost, for the  federal government will lose billions in penalty revenues and employers who wouldn’t begin offering healthcare will have their employees  search for it elsewhere. In truth, the business mandate awakens the emotions of annoyed business owners who will either offer insurance to their employees or cut back on their hours or fire them altogether.

But the Republican delay is their exultant tribute.

While democrats cling to the theory that ‘the economic impact of ‘Obamacare’ is going to be a deficit reducing people protecting act that will lower the cost of healthcare for consumers,” Republicans on the other hand claim that ‘healthcare is a deficit tripling business atomic bomb that is unconstitutional, that it was passed under a false premise   and that it only serves as a tax hike that must be repealed.”

Moreover, the proposition by critics that ‘Obamacare’ hurts the middleclass and increase health insurance cost for everyone and ultimately hurt the budget deficit recovery plan’ warrants explanation that the idea behind ‘Obamacare’ is to repeal the price of healthcare over a decade by 1.2 trillion dollars.

In fairness, the main point of ‘Obamacare’ is “to increase the number of Americans covered by health insurance, streamline the delivery of healthcare for everyone by restricting certain insurance company practices and providing tax credits and subsidies for individuals and businesses.”

Irrespective of the fact that   ‘Obamacare’ will provide healthcare, promote health and control cost it still remains an economic and political educational study.

It seems that nothing can change the Republican’s belief that healthcare is broken, but their refusal to pass legislation and their choice in delaying legislation to improve their argument only strengthens the healthcare bill. As proponents assert “the longer the bill stays in circulation the more time citizens have to form an opinion of the issue.”

The bitter irony is that in the long run, using ‘Obamacare’ as a political tool as they did in the election of 2010 damages their own hand at the bargaining table because the times have change. Voters are now wiser and more educated on the issue than they were three years ago and they have harnessed dialogue and understanding of what ‘Obamacare’ means and represent to them despite the distortion obtained from the press or the propaganda of their political representatives.

The battle for ‘Obamacare’ is far from over, but the benefits dwarfs the disadvantages.

Hence, it is time to start ‘Obamacare’ rolling.

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Rebeca Theodore

Rebeca Theodore is a national security and political op-ed columnist based in Washington DC. Her work has appeared in various newsprint throughout the Caribbean, Canada and the US. Follow her on twitter @rebethd. Contact the author.


  1. Cherel says:

    The uninformed voters who fell for this socialist scam still think they will be getting free healthcare! They do not understand the penalties for not buying insurance or the personal cost to them if the do buy it. They think it will be like food stamps, the free “earned income credit” checks they get at tax time, free cell phones, etc.
    Time to wake up. Nothing is free. The government has no money. It steals from makers (wage earners) through taxation and redistributes to takers through socialist programs. Loss of liberty is the price being paid by all. The tipping point will bring us into tyranny.
    I’d rather live free with no “government” benefits. God is our Father and He cares for us. If He chose to withhold the benefits He daily loads us with, we would all perish– government included! Obama doesn’t care for you. Your heavenly Father does. Put your trust in HIM!

  2. RichardU says:

    You mention “Voters are now wiser and more educated on the issue than they were three years ago” and yet neglect to mention those same voters dislike Obamacare more today than they did three years ago according to every poll.

    I honestly do not believe the Republicans can ever be on the wrong side of Obamacare as long as the individual mandate is still being supported by Democrats. That is the only provision of Obamacare that the public opposes, yet the public opposes the entirety of Obamacare as a result of that single provision. That suggests the Republicans will get a boost no matter what stupid things they do regarding Obamacare, so long as they also oppose the individual mandate.

  3. noamy says:

    This article is funny.

  4. “the benefits dwarfs the disadvantages.
    the benefits dwarfs the disadvantages.
    the benefits dwarfs the disadvantages.
    the benefits dwarfs the disadvantages.”

    No, they do not!

    How can they “dwarf” the “disadvantages” when the INDIVIDUAL is out of money and that is BEFORE they pay a PREMIUM for “Obamacare”!

    HOW are these people who are so poor who can’t afford health care going to AFFORD the COPAYS and REST OF THE BILLS ****AFTER**** paying thousands of dollars a year?

    This will push more FAR MORE Americans into bankruptcy and suicide.


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