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Is gambling getting stronger in Europe?

Betting on sports events and gambling in casinos online is popular today like never before. Thanks to the quick development of technology also gambling had the chance to evolve. Nowadays you don’t have to bring all your friends together or organize a big trip to the casino to play poker or any other of your favorite games. What is more, you can even play gaming machines from every place in the world, including your own bed! Most online casinos offer mobile mode which allows the player to access gambling through their phones. It is good to know, that sometimes those mobile versions of slots work even better than their traditional equivalent!

Europe is the continent where gambling was born. No doubt that this is a special place on the map of the gaming world. First land-based casinos started their activity in today’s France and Italy. People from all over the world used to come to Europe to try their luck in most famous casinos in Rome, Paris or places like Monte Carlo. They were known for giving you a chance to win a great fortune, but also a risk to lose everything you had. Players didn’t need much time to connect gambling with their favorite sports. Betting on players, teams or horses was one of the most popular deals. Today it is also possible through the Internet and special websites. Many online casinos offer you the opportunity to make some sports bets.

Casino games like poker, roulette, baccarat, keno or gaming machines are also getting more and more popular. Thanks to easier access to gambling many people decide to check new titles and spend some time playing online. For those living in Europe websites like make it even easier for them publishing reviews and guides for web casinos.

Because of that players can feel safe and enjoy their games without the fear of being frauded. (Keep in mind that U.S. citizens living in the states are not allowed to gamble online overseas under Federal Law.)

What is more, lots of websites offer free demo versions of their products. Gamers can check out some games without the risk of losing any money. Online casinos try to attract gamblers by offering bonuses like free cash or spins. They can make your game easier and help a lot during your gambling adventure. 

Research led by EGBA showed that the market value of gambling is worth nearly 95 billion euros. We need to add that it is around 20 percent of the whole value of the market. Researchers state that at the end of 2020 it will reach even 24 percent! In Europe gambling is a very popular way to spend your free time. Statistics show that it takes around 40 percent of the whole continent’s market.

What’s interesting, sports bets are the greatest part of the European gambling market. Dealers do not have to print any tickets anymore, everything is digital now, including wages. In the past gamblers used to bet on horse racing, boxing or football matches. Today we can bet on any sport, including volleyball, chess or anything else. You can find even the most niche discipline on websites. Thanks to new technologies gamblers have the ability to bet on their favorite athletes and watch results of matches in real-time. Some casinos even offer their users live transmissions of sports. There is no need for TV or being personally at the stadium anymore. Currently, sports bets are the most popular among the British. Up to 46 percent of British people state that they gamble regularly. If you are an adult, feel free to play and try your luck in gambling games and sports bets online!

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