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How to write a successful essay

Essay Structure

Each successful essay should follow a certain structure. First, it may seem that it is not an important issue because the main purpose of such a task is to demonstrate the received knowledge and the ability to express the thoughts in the written form. In other words, most of the students pay the main attention to the content while the structure is not less important as it also contributes to the general content.

In that way, it is essential to put an increased attention to the structure and make it perfect. In spite of the fact that many students often need essay writing help, it is also possible to create a good and successful written work by yourself. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to follow several simple steps and just be attentive to the details. Let’s talk about the necessity to follow certain rules in reference to the structure.

The Parts of an Essay

First of all, it is essential to understand that each essay contains a lot of different kinds of information. It is notable that each of these kinds has its certain place in the whole essay and is located in the specialized part of it. These are for example:

  • the introduction
  • the body parts
  • the conclusion.

All of them contain certain kind of information and have their specific roles. In other words, they create the structure of the essay and you should put an increased attention to them.

In order to organize the body parts, it is reasonable to set certain questions that will guide the whole structure of each paragraph. First of all, make sure that your thesis is a disputable one, that is the reader will have questions in regard to it. In other words, it should not be just an observation of any fact but an arguable position, which will be developed and explained further in the paper. 

Questions that Guide an Essay

The first question is “What?” and it should show the facts and evidence that will prove that the statement made in the thesis is actually true. In order to have an answer to this question, it is necessary to research the question and find the statements that will prove its point. This should be one of the first sections of an essay as it is a sort of the report of the observations you have made during the research. At the same time, it should not take a lot of space of the finished assignment.

The next question to answer is “How?” and it demonstrates whether the claims of the thesis are true in many cases. In other words, you should demonstrate how your thesis challenges the counterargument and how the material that you present contributes to the issue you are researching. At the same time, it supports the thesis and comes directly after the first section making the body and the arguments more complicated.

The final question is “Why?” and it demonstrates the necessity and usefulness of the statement for the reader. It presents the argument in a larger perspective and allows to understand the further implications of it. In other words, it is a possibility to show the significance of the thesis and the statements you made throughout the paper. In that way, it is located at the end of the body part guiding it to the conclusion.

The Map of the Essay

The structure of an essay should always consider the logic of the reader. In that way, it is necessary to think about the sequence of the arguments in which you should present the material. First, it is essential to grasp the attention of the reader and then try to convince him or her in the argument you have made. In order to achieve this, it is reasonable to map the essay as a written narrative, which will also make the whole process more simple for you.

The map of an essay is also a possibility to understand where the reader will need the additional or background information or when it is necessary to move to the next argument. In such a way, the structure of an essay becomes more organized and easier for perception. This also includes the sentences that guide the reader throughout the essay and make the text flow easier to understand. In that way, it is extremely important to follow the certain structure of an essay.



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