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How to manage your online gambling budget

The costs of the game process are the amounts spent on bets. Of course, if internet free slots are used, then there will be no costs, but sooner or later there will be a transition to the game of betting, and then the question arises: how much can you allocate to the game so as not to cross the line of risk? Here, each player can proceed from his personal wishes and priorities, and most importantly – financial opportunities. General rules: the budget of the game should be such that it is not very insulting to lose it if the gameplay does not bring any winnings. This happens rarely, but still, no one is immune from failures, from bad days and bad luck. In general, you can determine the optimal budget for the game process on your own experience: you need to play a few game sessions on different days and notice how much was spent on each day. Also, the expenditure part of the budget can be determined by the product of the number of lines that are entered into the game, per unit rate per one line.

The way of determining if the chosen slot is promising or not

The income of the game process is somewhat more difficult to predict. Here, certain mathematical calculations and the collection of empirical data may be required:

  • First of all, you need to watch the game, registering its progress and results for some time. This will allow you to compile your own winnings table and determine payout statistics;
  • Revenues of the game process can be calculated as the product of the average number of winning scrolls per unit of time (one game) by the average payout ratio for the selected slot. The first indicator can be determined by observation, and the second one can be calculated mathematically. You can calculate the average coefficient for absolutely any slot machine. To do this, you only need to know all its payout ratios. The source of the information can serve as a paytable – a special section in which you can see what symbols are in the slot and in what combinations they bring the winnings. Here are all the payout ratios, having combined which and dividing the result by 2, you can get the average value per winning combination;

“Giving” slots can be found independently, if you know what factors to navigate, and understand how to track the game’s behavior. To detect the machines that give, it is necessary to conduct their own investigation and test tests. Naturally, this requires some preparation, time and attention.

Tips from experienced gamblers how to manage your online gambling budget

  • As in poker, you need to handle money correctly in slots. One must organize individual bankroll management. Each game should be followed with a certain balance, which must be determined in advance;
  • It is necessary to plan the budget for a day/game. Whatever happens, the planned limit cannot be exceeded;
  • Economy slots play involves the selection of slot machines according to certain criteria. So, you should look for slots with the widest possible range of rates, the lower limit of which is 1-2 credits. Players who do not have large financial opportunities, often choose the game at low rates. With this approach, any, even the smallest amount, enough to play for a long time at real rates without replenishment of the deposit. The game on the minimum settings is the most economical because for one game session the minimum amount of funds from the deposit account is spent. With such a strategy, you can not only stretch the existing budget for a long time but also get rid of the high financial risks with which the game involves larger bets. That is, playing at minimum rates is not only as economical as possible but also almost completely safe. For this game process, minimal risks are inherent, which means that it is suitable even for beginners;
  • Playing slots with a minimum budget, you can save not only at the expense of the size of bets but also at the expense of the number of lines. The aggregate budget of the game process is calculated as the product of the unit rate on the number of lines. That is, with a decrease in the number of lines, the amount that is at stake is automatically reduced. And this creates additional opportunities for the economy;
  • When you’re lucky, it’s hard to stop. Exactly the same as in the case of loss of money. If you lose to the designated line – exit with the casino, relax, get distracted. In any case, do not sit down to recoup. Yes, sometimes it can be done, but in the long run “it’s not worth it”.

Virtual slot machines provide the opportunity to manage the budget and risks flexibly through the above tools. Summing up, it is worth noting that first of all you need to play slots for the sake of pleasure, and not with cold calculation, so do not sit down to play a slot machine in a bad mood. Winning, in this case, will not bring much pleasure while losing – will drive into the tilt, at which you can make a lot of mistakes. During the game, do not rush, especially if in bonus games you need to make important decisions or choose between cards and other items.


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