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How Coronavirus Affected US & Canada Casinos

As the entire world is aware, the coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses in the world. Schools have been put on hold, and offices have been closed. Many businesses that can cope online have retreated to online operations. And casinos in the US and Canada are not exceptions. Now that this pandemic has restricted movement everywhere, casino lovers have to retreat to online gambling sites.

Gambling in a casino cannot follow rules of social distancing because players have to come in contact while betting. Long before the lockdown, the casino industry has had a substitute- an online casino. And this substitute is more useful for both physical and internet casino users.

Situation of Casinos after Ease of Lockdown

After the lockdown was eased, venues in the United States and Canada have experienced a great change. Unlike before, Las Vegas locations aren’t as full during this coronavirus period. Many people are trying to maintain social distancing and play online. Others have missed physical experiences and visit the physical casinos.

Most states don’t allow their venues be open for 24 hours. In some other states, there are specific days that they are open. And this is because there needs to be time to clean up after gamblers have left. The use of hand sanitizers is compulsory because of national and global laws.

Not all casinos require the use of face masks. But they all recommend its use for safety precautions. To be safer during this pandemic, it’s better to choose an online site. Many gamblers aren’t sure of sites to choose from. But with reviews on, players would find the best online casino bonus and amazing promotions.

If gamblers want to enjoy slots, they can always do that online. Slots are available for players who want to win free spins and win big!

Canadian Casinos Reopening

In Canada, Alberta started the reopening chain for casinos. There’s no need to use masks there. But to be safer, they advise people to wear them. Provinces like Saskatchewan and Atlantic areas have also reopened their casinos. They all just recently opened.

But provinces like Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba haven’t opened up. Casinos in Quebec will be reopening soon. And that would be in the next few weeks. British Columbia doesn’t promise hope for reopening. And that’s because its health authorities have included casinos in their Phase 4 plan alongside tourism and others. This phase is a critical one for public places—these places need vaccines, immunity and proven treatment.

The Canadian Gaming Association mentions that the gaming industry has contributed to over 182,000 in Canada. This is in addition to government revenues, trade, and charities of $23.8 billion in total.

Gamblers have come out to say that they prefer online betting sites because they have an option during the pandemic. They also won’t step into a physical casino for a very long time due to illness rates in the world.

US Reopening

Following the Governor’s order to shut down ‘unnecessary’ public spots in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas hasn’t been lively. Casino operators are using different strategies to make the environment safe for users. Guests are given rules to maintain physical distancing and stay six feet apart from one another. Also, venue operators monitor guest activities to ensure that safety is achieved.

In the US, reopening began on June 4. And since then, people visiting public places haven’t observed many precautions. There are hand sanitizer dispensers to make it easier for gamblers to keep their hands clean in many casinos. The opening of Las Vegas casinos creates a high chance for widespread coronavirus. And experts warn that gamblers have a high risk of contracting the virus.

There are tests in place for guests in Las Vegas. Knowing how much this novel virus would spread, health authorities have prepared the city for coronavirus tests. What used to be the attraction in Las Vegas is now a threat. As much as people want to have fun at casinos, this fun poses a threat to everyone around. Many online gamblers believe that they don’t need to gamble physically. This online alternative makes them earn as they want.

Finding a solution

Now that there is a pandemic that affects the industry, it’s advisable to switch online. Sites have made it easier for gamblers to bet and win. There are amazing bonuses and safe payment methods that satisfy players. Gaming authorities have licensed many sites, and that’s what makes them fair and safe for gameplay. If physical casinos have an appeal that looks more real, live dealer games are available online. Games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette will make you feel like you’re playing in a real-life casino. Once you have your croupier, you’re good! Staying safe and playing online make this period worthwhile.


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