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GOP shutdowns Washington: Will Obamacare win?

Over a spirited tinge of hate and dread, the right wing crusade to disrupt the Affordable Care Act commonly known as ‘Obamacare’ drags on in Washington. The plot of ‘perception control’ by demagogues and corporations are in full gear. Washington now languishes in a state of crisis in the battle for socialized medicine.

It’s clear that the principles of value and democracy are not only violated, but the national security of the United States is endangered as well.

To be sure, “the shutdown cost a significant pall on America’s credibility to our allies” said James Clapper, National Intelligence director.

government_shutdown_genericBut Republicans are drunk on their own sobriety.

Contrary to their impression as guardians of the Constitution, the rule of law and fiscal morality, they are now viewed as a disgraced lot for attempting to repeal a law that the Supreme Court ruled constitutional .

While economist estimate that “the shutdown reduces the real GDP by 1.4 percentage points,” Republicans are continuing to hold an entire government hostage and threatening to default on its bills  over a law that seeks  to get health insurance  for millions of uninsured Americans.

Conversely, to think that a government shutdown is taking place in a country that is signaled as a shining example of the success of the democratic process now sheds much light on the political process.

Truly, a powerful political party’s disregard of the political choice and will of the people is a failure that can be manifested anywhere. The Republicans failure to comprehend that it is the majority that governs and passes legislations now holds civil society and constitutionalism captive.

Although proponents charge that shutdowns are nothing new to Washington and the 1995 Clinton-Gingrich fight of the mid 90s paved the way for bi-partisan compromises including tax and budget changes, it is also wise to draw attention between that shutdown and the recent one.

Whereas, Congress had already passed appropriate Bills to finance main areas of that past government, the Congress of 2013 has been unable to pass any.

Defense Secretary Hagel’s claims that “the shutdown is the end result of a Congress that has lost an appreciation for governing,” but it must also be grasped that Republicans have unleashed a ‘reign of terror’ from extremist in the Tea Party in their efforts to repeal ‘Obamacare’, thus shaping the House of Representatives to their own advantage.

Therein lies the bridled mouth of Congress.

Ifthe standard laws  of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) continue to be the force that fuels political action in Washington, then in all fairness, it will be impossible to string the threads of bipartisan alliance to pass major legislations as ‘Obamacare.’

The ‘perception control’ agendas of elites like the Koch brothers and Howie Rich as the ‘representatives of interest’ in Washington begs for understanding.

It should be noted that when the tools of political representation fail to represent the people as a unity, then fascism creeps from within and shrinks representation to illegitimization.

And it is in this arena of political fantasy that demagogues like Ted Cruz are born.

It is this ‘corporate form of politics’ practiced by the GOP et al that betrays the democratic process in America. Sadly, government is now run by corporations looking out for themselves and not for their constituents.




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