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Gambling in the United Kingdom

At all times, gambling in the UK remained the main passion of residents. In the last millennium, England remained one of the countries where gambling is allowed and is one of the top tourist and entertainment activities. History knows many examples when the British left large sums of money in gaming establishments.

Even in primitive society, there were various stones, figurines, sticks in order to predict the future. The shamans “predict the future” it in the following way – they threw stones with marks into the air and the way, they landed, shamans told the future of people. Further, sticks and stones were used for various games and competitions, even then there was some kind of bets for luck in the form of meat or other useful goods. According to the end result of the game, the one who achieved a positive bet – left with a win.

At the time of the Anglo-Saxons, one of the “throwing” games was very popular, back then it was called Five stones. The essence of the game was that they threw pork or sheep shanks and needed to catch them, and the one who caught more shanks – became the winner. Bets were made before the start of the first game.

There is also a story that in 1190 a decree was issued that soldiers who were below the knights did not have the right to play gambling. And so, in turn, it was possible to play only up to twenty shillings per day. Many historians believe that this decree gave rise to the prohibition of gambling in many countries.

In England, there were also bets on animals, and it all started with the bull trade, common in those days in the country. Trade was more like a bloody competition between the bulls and at the same time an interesting occupation for fans of gambling. Bets were made the same way on roosters. At this time, some Englishmen were already changing personal things for money, and vice versa, and thus only money became a bet.

In the fourteenth century in England, the popularity of card games that came here from Asian countries is growing. The British re-made the card deck and thus, the well-known four suits appeared.

During the Georgian era, games spread around the upper classes, mostly card games. Then the most famous were such games as whist, point, pharaoh, and picket. Thus, in the UK, the British loved to pamper themselves with gambling. Many of the games that were in England at that time are still popular today.

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