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Gambling Associations offer a challenge to Norway’s anti-gambling statutes

The EGBA is the European Gaming and Betting Association. They are starting a new legal challenge against Norway because they country is locking down their national Internet services. The country does not want unlicensed and international companies offering payments to customers, and they do not want to see their citizens investing in outside entities.

This article explains why the ban has drawn such ire from the EGBA. Hereby this is important to keep in mind that the regulation refers to foreign online casino operators and gaming companies, not to casino review websites such as

H2: The EGBA Does Not Appreciate Norway’s Policies

The EGBA ( has challenged Norway because they want Norway to open up its Internet services to payment systems for all gambling and betting sites. The country has stopped people from taking payments from these services, and Norway does not want competition for their state-run gambling sites.

The lottery or a state-run gambling effort is something that many nations use to raise money. Norway wishes to make much of its money from their own form of the lottery, and they believe that other gambling sites are getting in the way. Norway is quite particular about who they license, and the country believes that licensing these gambling sites is an important way of controlling how much revenue they receive.

However, the EGBA believes that citizens should be allowed to spend their money as they like. The EGBA has challenged Norway to change their statute to allow for much freer gambling, but that is not likely to happen.

H2: Illegal Data Collection

The EGBA has filed a lawsuit in Norwegian court claiming that the country did not come about this information legally. The EGBA believes that the Norwegian government pirated quite a lot of information to learn who was gambling on certain sites. That would be a clear violation of Norwegian and EU law.

This is a terrible thought that the Norwegian government may have illegally collected other information, and that makes the challenge by the EGBA even more salient to the Internet rights of the citizens.

The EGBA is hoping that Norway will reconsider, and they believe that they are fighting the good fight. They may not win their first round in this case, but they are prepared to go quite a long way to get more freedom for gambling sites in Norway.

Changing The Law

The EGBA believes that Norway must change the law to better accommodate modern gambling. They do not want Norway to leave their borders wide open to all gambling, and they are urging the country to make laws that simply adapt to what the market needs today. The country is not ready to make those changes, and they may not do so until the courts have made their decision.

Changing the law is easy for everyone because it allows for all parties to work together. The nation of Norway must have room for their own state-run gambling, and they must allow other companies to do their work. Everyone may exist in harmony when Norway comes around as the EGBA hopes.

The nation of Norway must modernize its own channels for online gambling, and they may find that there is a happy medium for online gaming that serves everyone. The country has done quite a lot of work to ensure that they are safe for all citizens, but they may find that this EGBA lawsuit is a wake-up call.

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