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Exploring the latest Gambling News

There is no denying that online gambling has changed the way that people are placing bets and playing in casinos. Not only are there a number of casinos available for gambling, but they offer features that you just can’t get with land-based casinos. With the number of casinos available and all the features that are included within them, it is more important than ever for any gambler to keep up to date with the latest comings and goings. Below, you are going to learn about some of the latest breaking news stories revolving around online gambling.

Cracking Down In The Philippines

There has also been a long tradition of gambling in the Philippines. That being said it is up to the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation to look after all the smaller agencies that cover the more specialized aspects of gaming. In addition to this, the corporation is responsible for making sure that the revenues remain on track. The corporation was established in 1976 and its scope has grown pretty vast over the last few years. With the Asian markets expanding and becoming major online players it is a good thing that their scope has grown. This corporation is also responsible for issuing online gambling licenses. Over the years, the corporation has made great strides at fighting corruption in the gaming world. They have successfully managed to shut down a number of online operators without the proper license target their country from offshore servers. They have managed to drop the number of operators from 30,000 to 200.

Swedish Cracking Down

Not only are the Philippine authorities cracking down, but the Swedish authorities are cracking down as well. The Sweden regulator just issued fines to Maltese iGaming and AlandsPenningautomatforening. The fines were issued on grounds of self-exclusion. Sweden launched a regulated iGaming market back in January at the same time as premiering a self-exclusion tool. This tool was specifically designed to prevent those who sign up from being able to access online casinos and sports betting domains. Along with this, it bans licensed operators from sending marketing materials to anyone on the list. The regulator did, however, report that there were a number of players that were able to gamble on sites run by Paf Consulting and Genesis Global Limited.


There is no denying that online casinos are popping up all the time. And, just 10 short days after announcing it’s Brands of Leo proprietary multi-brand campaign and Swedish iGaming operator LeoVegas AB, they are now announcing the premiere of their very first online casino. This casino is going to be going by the domain GoGoCasino.com and there is already speculation that it is going to be just as big as capsa online.

U.S. Sports Betting

Meanwhile, in the United States, politicians are facing off to determine if sports gambling should be deemed legal. U.S. gambling laws are so complicated that the average cannot make heads or tails of them. However, this does not deter people from gambling.

As the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament continues, bracket pools and fantasy sports are popping up everywhere. People tend to participate in these activities because they are so accessible. Regardless, betting pools are still illegal in most states. Of course, if someone wants to participate in these activities there is nothing to stop them. Anyone who wants to place a bet on a sporting event can do it without legal repercussions as long as it is private.

Sports fans around the world continue to wager on their favorite teams. Today, it is easier than ever to participate in sports betting. To stay on the right side of the law, it is highly recommended to know the state gambling laws.

Some states have legalized sports gambling since the Supreme Court made the decision to overturn a federal law that prohibited states from running gambling operations. The decision to overturn the law was in an effort to combat gambling through offshore websites and illegal bookies. As more states take the steps to legalize sports betting, the number of people wagering bets is increasing. This is very concerning for some lawmakers.

Gambling comes with risks. And, some lawmakers do not believe that legalized sports betting is the answer.

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