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The Current State of Gambling Legislation in Maryland

Varying state legislation means gambling in its many forms may be restricted or illegal. Historically, Maryland has been strict with offering gambling options to its constituents. But in recent years, this state has been slowly opening up to gambling. At this time, there are about six on-land casinos offering players games such as slot machines and card tables in and around Maryland. In the future, there may be more as gambling is becoming more of an accepted activity for everyone to enjoy rather than something related to deviant behavior.

This change is largely due to the help of the general public who voted in 2008 to allow gambling even if it’s limited to some games, and only a few select operators. This change in views towards gambling furthers the possibility that Maryland will welcome other forms of gambling such as over the Internet. There are some complicated laws surrounding online casinos and online betting. This guide explains further the extent to which online gambling is allowed in Maryland.

Gambling options other than land-based casinos

Online casinos are still not permitted in Maryland, but residents do have other options that allow them to gamble in the comfort of their own homes. While there are no live horseracing or greyhound tracks in Maryland, residents can place bets online using a number of legal websites authorized to take wagers. For many years, this has been a favorite pastime for many residents but with new options becoming more available, certainly, there are some exciting choices to consider.

Another option for Maryland residents is fantasy sports betting. This is a hugely popular pastime even celebrities enjoy. Fantasy sports leagues and betting is legal in almost any US state. It undergoes strict licensing policies and regulations. The premise of fantasy sports betting is to calculate odds according to the data of each team and player. It’s a highly enjoyable activity with a consistent large following across the country. In fact, even celebrities are known to enjoy and participate in fantasy sports leagues.

Lastly, there are websites such as World Winner where residents can place bets on skill games such as Wheel of Fortune or Solitaire Rush. This online platform is the leading provider of online skills games in the United States. They operate under the licensing and regulations of Game Show Network.

Maryland’s stand on overseas gambling sites

In general, laws in Maryland state that participating in overseas gambling websites is considered illegal. There is strict regulation advising residents that this type of activity is subject to penalty. Residents are further advised that these websites operate outside the scope of US laws, thus there is no assurance that anyone who participates will be protected in case of fraud. If a gambling site is not well regulated, they are less likely to be made accountable in case of unfair practices.

The truth is, offshore sites still remain accessible and available to anyone in the US who wants to play. Up to a certain extent, those who participate in online gambling will not be reprimanded. Although the law cannot be enforced in the case of every single person who participates, those who get caught are warned that they will be subject to penalty.

While Maryland has a relatively progressive view when it comes to gambling, residents should remain careful and wary of offshore sites. This isn’t always easy when the anonymity of playing online is one reason why it’s highly appealing. If you prefer to gamble at home, play only on websites that are considered legal and lawful. Your knowledge and adherence to the law will be your protection in the long run. Be aware of what is allowed and not allowed so that you don’t put yourself at risk of being slapped with penalties. Remember that placing bets is supposed to be both fun and exciting, and should not involve breaking the law or taking financial risks.


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