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Casinos in Maryland Performing Well Despite Limited Capacity

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Following the peak of the Coronavirus in March, Maryland casinos shut their doors to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Three months later, six Maryland casinos reopened, allowing a limited number of people to visit their premises.

Gamers and other visitors allowed in were required to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and sanitize their hands among other requirements. Surprisingly, even with the number limited to a capacity of 50%, the casinos are doing well, more than one could have projected.

The casinos have been working really hard to reconfigure daily operations for the new normal. The main casinos in the jurisdiction have yielded positive results. While it may not equal previous profits before the pandemic hit, the progress so far is remarkable.

A Map of Maryland Casinos

Maryland is home to magnificent casinos that attract visitors from far and beyond. Locating casinos such as Hollywood Casino, Ocean Downs Casino, Rocky Gap Casino, and Live! Casino & Hotel is not that hard.

Nevertheless, if you are new to Maryland or you have never been to any of these casinos even if you are a resident here, it can be challenging if you are not sure where to start. With that in mind, a detailed Maryland casino map can be found at It shows the best casinos in Little America and where to find them.

Safety Measures Put in Place

When the casinos initially reopened, people were afraid of visiting them for fear of contracting the virus. However, they were assured that their safety in and around the casinos will be observed. This saw more people return to casinos either to play the games on offer or enjoy other forms of entertainment.

Before entering a casino’s premises, team members and guests are subject to a mandatory temperature check. Usually, if your temperature is above the normal one, you will not be allowed in. This ensures that no one with signs of COVID-19 is on the premises as he or she could put others into the risk of being affected.

On top of this, you are required to sanitize your hands as often as you can, with compulsory sanitization at the entrance of any casino. The tables are sanitized regularly and the number of people allowed to sit at the tables is limited. Poker rooms in most casinos are closed to further promote social distancing.

Slot machines will also be deactivated, and while this is not a good thing for slot lovers, it is paramount to ensuring the spread of the virus is curbed. Sanitizing the machines every now and then is quite a task and may also ruin the machines, which is why casinos reached the agreement to deactivate most of them.

Observing such measures by both visitors and staff members has given people more confidence in Maryland casinos. This way, most of them are able to register a higher number of visitors, while also ensuring it does not bypass 50% at any given time.

Revenue from Lotteries

The good thing with lottery tickets is that it is not a must you play while at a casino’s facility. This is one area of Maryland’s casino gaming that has contributed a lot in seeing the industry remain afloat despite the effects of the pandemic.

People are still buying lottery tickets. Together with the leading six casinos in Maryland, lotteries have contributed an estimated $1.113 billion so far. This is not a small amount at a time when many people are struggling financially.

If you wish to purchase a lottery ticket, you can do so at any of your preferred land-based casinos within Maryland. The proceed are used to fund various activities as well as keep the casinos’ operations running.

Alternatively, you can buy your ticket online if you are not feeling like visiting a physical facility. Casinos offering online lottery services are as good as brick and mortar facilities, so you are ensured of getting excellent services.

Income from Other Casino Activities

Casinos are not only confined to casino games. Some of them offer other recreational services and facilities like gyms, hotels, spas, swimming pools and much more. During this period, they are allowing people to use such facilities, while still observing COVID-19 precautions.

The facilities are generating some income, and this has further helped the casinos to register positive progress. Most of them are functional, so in case you need to visit a gym or enjoy a deliciously prepared meal in the various casinos’ hotels, you can do so. Just ensure you don’t leave your mask behind. You will be denied entry.

Expect Fewer Games

The number of games offered in casinos has significantly been reduced. As a result, players may not have diverse options to consider when looking for variations to try out. However, casinos have balanced the choices of available games so that different types of players are suited. You will not miss multiple gaming options that satisfy your gaming desires.

By balancing the options, casinos can attract a more diversified clientele, and this has helped them generate more income. People with particular casinos loyalty cards are also being given the priority to use the facilities over others.

Usually, such people tend to spend higher amounts of money. What this means is that instead of allowing people who spend just a few dollars, casinos are allowing those who stake huge amounts. This strategy helps casinos collect more money from just a few individuals, than have many and collect very little

Embracing the New Normal

No one anticipated the spread of a disease that would crumble our everyday activities. COVID-19 took all of us by surprise. It has forced everyone to wear masks while in public as well as maintain social distancing, something we were not used to before. Businesses have also been affected, among them casinos.

The good thing is that casinos have managed to reopen again after putting some safety strategies in place to curb the spread of the virus. They are requiring people visiting them to observe these new guidelines. You have the mandate of protecting yourself and those around you, and as such, whenever you visit a casino, ensure you observe the guidelines. This way, the curve will flatten, helping keep the casinos functional.

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